Overstock Affiliate Program Review + Commissions

If you are a blogger, influencer, website owner, affiliate marketer or just a beginner looking to become any of the above, stick around.

Here you’ll find a quick review on the Overstock affiliate program, where to join, its commission rates and finally, a little piece of advice on how to start sending traffic and making money with the Overstock affiliate program.

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How to start making money with the Overstock affiliate program

I could list a few tactics for this particular program here. 


This would be doing you a disservice. 

You are one of two types of people that’ll make it to this article:

  1. Either you know your fundamentals and are just browsing for new affiliate programs, in which case go on the button above, join up, and start making money and ignore the rest of the article, you know what you are doing
  2. You are somewhat of a beginner affiliate marketer, in that case, read on

To learn how to send traffic and make from pretty much any affiliate program program, you’ll need a solid grasp on the fundamentals of digital marketing.

This includes:

  • Knowing how to make a solid website which performs well, converts well and adds value to your audience.
  • Learning how to drive traffic for organic search results (SEO)
  • Learning some paid traffic tactics with google ads, facebook + instagram ads, display ads etc
  • And if you want to scale this effort and become a full time digital marketer, you’ll either need to dive into advanced topics like remarketing, native ads, building an email list etc.
  • Another option is just going deep into one of those skills and becoming extremely proficient at SEO and converting organic traffic, or focusing on building an email list with paid ads, nurturing that list and promoting your affiliate offers there.

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What does Overstock do?

Overstock is a renowned retailer that sells a huge range of products in the furniture, rugs, décor, bed & bath, jewelry & watches, and many other categories. As an Overstock customer, you can purchase luxury, dress, casual, and sports watches at the most affordable rates. Some of the famous watch brands listed on Overstock include Seiko, Invicta, Bulova, Rolex, Movado, and so on. The choice of strap colors, materials, case diameters, and dial colors is in the hands of customers. 

Overstock Affiliate Program Commissions

Since you are here to monetize your site or audience, I’ll put the commissions on here first. 

This is what I always look for first in an affiliate program 😉

The Overstock affiliate program is one of the best performing affiliate programs on the Commission Junction (CJ) network. The company offers a commission of 6% on each sale generated through their affiliate links. The cookie duration under this affiliate program is 14 days that is slightly on the lower side as far as watches niche standards are concerned.

Overstock Affiliate Program Payment Terms

Something often underappreciated as some programs pay quickly while others a little more slowly. Payment terms are always a factor to consider:

As the Overstock affiliate program runs on the CJ network, you are expected to be paid on a monthly basis by the company. You can choose your preferred payment method to receive your earned commission among bank transfer, payoneer, check, and direct deposit. The minimum payout threshold in this affiliate program is $50.

Overstock Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

To keep it easy and structured, i’ll go into a few reasons why you should join this affiliate program, and a few why you should not. 

You’ll be able to tell whether I liked this program based on how many reasons I list for each site 😉

Reasons to join the Overstock affiliate program:

Overstock has a diverse range of watches on its selling list. It has become a highly reputed shopping brand over time. Here are some of the important reasons to join this affiliate program: –

  • The Overstock affiliates can earn a commission of 6% on each sale generated through their affiliate links
  • The company sells thousands of luxury watches manufactured by the renowned watchmakers at the global level
  • The affiliates from all across the world can join this affiliate program

Reasons to avoid the Overstock affiliate program and work with alternatives:

As a luxury watches affiliate marketer, you must be aware of the negative aspects of an affiliate program before joining it. Here are some of the important reasons to avoid the Overstock affiliate program and work with alternatives: –

  • The commission rate and the cookie duration offered by the company to its affiliates are competitively low
  • Overstock does not solely sell luxury watches
  • The affiliates find it tough to contact the company in need as its affiliate program runs on a third-party network

To conclude

If you made it this far, just go to the button at the top of the article to join the affiliate program. Start sending traffic and see how it goes. 

Otherwise, if you are a beginner, join it, but also join our masters course on digital marketing and business to learn the fundamental skills you need to really start making money as an affiliate.

See you there 😉