The Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners

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In this article I’ll be diving into my top recommendations for new affiliates. Whether you have a blog or you are an online influencer or just a beginner to the world of affiliate marketing, this post will prove helpful to you as I have something special to tell you about ;).

First, have a look at my one of a kind list of travel affiliate programs and my comments about each. It’s enough info for you to make use of this page to choose a few programs to start promoting.

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The Best 3 Affiliate Programs for Beginners to Make money

Affiliate marketing is all about making passive income through promoting products and services of other companies. It is a highly useful way of making as much money as you may earn through a full-time job. Affiliate marketers have been earning from a few dollars to millions of dollar per month. As a beginner to the world of affiliate marketing, you need to target the most suitable companies that can provide you a good start. In this article, you will know some of the highly paying affiliate programs for beginners. 

1. The Amazon Associates Affiliate Program 

What does Amazon do?

Amazon is a US-based, multinational company providing services in the field of technology. It is among the top 5 technology companies operating across the world. The major products and services of Amazon include e-commerce, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and digital streaming. It is undoubtedly one of the most international companies growing rapidly at the global level. 

Amazon Associates Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

There are millions of products and programs offered by Amazon to its customers. The Amazon Affiliate Program is designed for content creators, bloggers, and publishers to monetize their traffic. It is one of the largest affiliate marketing program in the world. The program offers easy link-building tools to the affiliates to promote its products and services. The Amazon affiliates earn handsome commission on each successful sale. The commission rate varies from 1% to 10%. The cookie duration for each link is 24 hours. 

2. The Impact Affiliate Program 

What does Impact do?

Impact is a young company that provides influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, mobile partnerships, business development, fraud protection, analytics and attribution, SaaS partnership marketing, and various other services to the brands. Apart from it, the company also provides onboarding and migration support, customer support, customer growth, and technical services. Last but not least, it is an easy-to-use platform for thousands of businesses out there looking for substantial growth. 

Impact Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Impact Affiliate program is worth joining if you want to get hundreds of affiliate marketing opportunities at a single place. You are advised to gather enough information about a particular affiliate marketing program available on Impact before joining it. Some of the famous affiliate programs available on Impact are affiliate, NuLeaf Naturals Affiliate, cbdMD affiliate, Kraken affiliate, and hundreds of others. 

3. The Awin Affiliate Program 

What does Awin do?

Awin is a global affiliate marketing network that offers marketing services to thousands of customers in various categories such as finance and insurance, retail and shopping, telecommunication, and travel. The company covers multiple niches that offer digital products and services. It is one of the best available opportunities for bloggers, content creators, influencers, and website owners to earn passive income through promoting the products and services of their choice. 

Awin Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Awin Affiliate Program encourages its affiliate to refer fellow affiliate marketers who are interested in monetizing their sites. As an Awin affiliate, you will earn a commission of $30 when your referral will receive its first commission payout. Note, your referral must receive a payout within the two years of joining Awin. The cookie length offered by the program is 30 days. 


If you are a creative individual and you have an online community that loves your content in a particular niche or several niches, then you must join one of the above-mentioned affiliate programs to start earning passive income. Online marketing is a serious business that can make you millionaire if you work with a right approach. It offers you a perfect opportunity to monetize your traffic, sit back, and collect commission regularly upon successful sales. Join now!