The Best Affiliate Programs for Facebook Traffic

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In this article I’ll be diving into my top recommendations for Facebook affiliates. Whether you have a Facebook page or group or you are a Facebook influencer or just a beginner to the world of affiliate marketing, this post will prove helpful to you as I have something special to tell you about ;).

First, have a look at my one of a kind list of travel affiliate programs and my comments about each. It’s enough info for you to make use of this page to choose a few programs to start promoting.

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The Best 3 Affiliate Programs for Facebook Traffic to Make money

Facebook is the largest social media platform having billions of daily users. As an affiliate marketer, you have to reach as many people as possible to run effective marketing campaigns. Through Facebook, you can become an affiliate marketer even if you do not have your own website or blog. Facebook allows its users to attach affiliate links to their posts in their groups, pages, and profiles. It is one of the easiest ways to reach as many potential buyers as possible. You must have to learn how to make attractive posts or videos on Facebook to attract people. In this article, I will tell you some of the best affiliate programs that allow their marketing partners to use Facebook as a medium to promote products and services. Let’s discuss these programs in detail: -

1. The ClickBank Affiliate Program

What does ClickBank do?

ClickBank has been working with companies on the global level to help them get success as an online business. The company offers powerful ecommerce tools to the businesses that help them to start their online operations quite easily. In the beginning, the main focus of ClickBank was only on e-books, e-courses, and other online courses. However, it has now started working with the companies that offer physical products to the customers. 

ClickBank Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

ClickBank is one of the best online platforms for the affiliate marketers to start their journey. The company has paid more than $5 billion to its affiliates in commission since 1999. As a ClickBank affiliate, you get different commission rates for promoting different products and services offered by the vendor. However, you will surely get the competitive commission offers as far as the industry standards are concerned. The cookie duration offered by the company to its affiliates is 60 days.  

2. The Leadpages Affiliate Program

What does Leadpages do?

Leadpages is a renowned online platform that allows its clients (small businesses) to reach customers, collect leads, and close sales. As far as the business model of Leadpages is concerned, it can be concluded in four steps including get online, collect quality leads, sell products & services, and optimize & grow. The company has already been trusted by more than 40000 businesses from all across the world. It provides exceptional customer services that is one of the major strengths of the Leadpages. 

Leadpages Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

Leadpages offers one of the best commission rates in the industry to its affiliates. The company pays a commission of up to 50% on each new customer brought by an affiliate. The affiliates can upload their assigned links to Facebook to get leads. Most importantly, the commission structure in this affiliate program is recurring. It means you will receive your share every time your referral pays Leadpages. The basic commission rate is 10% but you can take it to 50% through your performance.

3. The StudioPress Affiliate Program

What does StudioPress do?

StudioPress allows its customers to build WordPress sites faster by using Genesis Pro. The most important features of the websites created through StudioPress are beauty, high performance, security, seo-optimization, and success. The customers get go-to tools by the company to create phenomenal WordPress sites including Genesis framework, Genesis themes, Genesis blocks, and Genesis custom blocks. The company has already served more than 250000 customers as of now. People are loving this amazing solution offered by StudioPress. 

StudioPress Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

StudioPress has partnered with WP Engine to run a combined affiliate program to serve the customers in a better way. The company pays a commission of $200 to its affiliates for bringing a combined sale of WP Engine and Genesis Pro. Remember, it is 100% of the first payment made by your referral. The commission rate for promoting StudioPress Themes is 35% on each sale. The company assigns a dedicated affiliate manager to each affiliate to resolve his/her problems effectively.


If you have a Facebook group, page, or profile that is loved by your audience, then you can easily monetize it with different affiliate programs. The companies behind these affiliate programs are more than happy to pay you a handsome reward on bringing each sale to them. The affiliate programs discussed in this article accept sales generated through Facebook as they allow their affiliates to promote them on social media. You must join these programs now and start making money.