The Best Affiliate Programs for Instagram Traffic

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In this article I’ll be diving into my top recommendations for Instagram affiliates. Whether you have an Instagram account or you are a Instagram influencer or just a beginner to the world of affiliate marketing, this post will prove helpful to you as I have something special to tell you about ;).

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The Best 3 Affiliate Programs for Instagram Traffic to Make money

Instagram is an excellent social media platform to grab the attention of potential buyers. You can promote almost everything via your Instagram account to your audience. People are making millions of dollars through Instagram marketing. They are usually known as Instagram influencers or marketers. According to the recent stats, the Instagram influencers make around $10 billion per year through promoting different products to their audience. You can surely start making money by monetizing your Instagram account even if you do not have your own blog or website. In this article, I will discuss some of the best affiliate programs that allow you to promote a range of products and services via Instagram. The best thing about Instagram marketing is that you do not have to take any financial risk to earn money. You only have to spend time and deploy different marketing tactics to start making money. Let’s discuss them in detail: –

1. The MaxBounty Affiliate Program

What does MaxBounty do?

MaxBounty offers a seamless marketing experience to the online business to reach as many customers as possible. The company has an exceptional team that works on staying one step ahead in the industry. It has adapted the evolution in the performance marketing industry. In short, MaxBounty provides businesses with the advertising services to help them sell their products and services straight away. They get tailor-made marketing solution to increase sales, installs, sign-ups, etc. 

MaxBounty Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

There are different pricing models offered by MaxBounty to its affiliates including CPA, CPS, CPL, and CPI. As an affiliate, you can choose the products and services that suit you the best and start promoting them through your Instagram account. The affiliates are get paid by the company on a weekly basis in a smooth fashion. There are high chances of growth as an affiliate working for MaxBounty as the company offers bonuses and rewards to the best performing affiliates. You get a chance to promote products offered by international companies. 

2. The Rakuten Affiliate Program

What does Rakuten do?

Rakuten is a Tokyo, Japan-based online platform that allows its affiliates to promote thousands of products offered by more than 1000 companies. In order to join this affiliate program, you must have to show the company that you have enough traffic on your Instagram account to start selling products straightaway. The overall user interface of the company’s website is quite cool and attractive. The company also provides analytical tools the affiliates to help them track their performance. 

Rakuten Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

Rakuten offers a dynamic commissioning structure to its affiliate partners to help them earn huge profits in exchange of their valuable efforts. The network has grown substantially in the last decade. The affiliates now get opportunities to promote products offered by the companies based in different countries such as the US, Europe, Brazil, etc. They also get valuable resources from the company to run effective promotional campaign on their Instagram accounts.

3. The ShopStyle Collective Affiliate Program

What does ShopStyle Collective do?

ShopStyle is a renowned online network that allows brands to get connected with a wide range of customers. The company accepts both advertisers and influencers to run its business. The advertisers make a deal with the company to promote their products. The influencers join the company as its marketing partners. For generating each sale or driving traffic to a particular brand, the affiliates are get paid a handsome commission. The company has already been working with thousands of brands at the global level as their advertiser. 

ShopStyle Collective Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The content creators are the main asset of ShopStyle Collective. The company offers two programs to the content creators to fulfil their requirements including a Standard and an Advanced one. Under the Standard program, the affiliates are get paid by the company on driving each new click. Under the Standard program, the affiliates receive a share from the sale they drive through their affiliate links. As an affiliate, you can use Instagram as a medium to drive traffic to a particular brand that you chose for promotions.


Having an Instagram account with a huge number of followers is your real asset. You can earn money by monetizing your account with some popular brands that exist in your niche. The programs discussed in this article accept Instagram influencers as their marketing partners. You can surely make a lot of money through working under these programs. Your valuable marketing efforts will not go in vain while working for them. Get registered to these programs, choose products in your niche, and start making money!