The Best Affiliate Programs for Push Traffic

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The Best 3 Affiliate Programs for Push Traffic to Make money

The Push Notification technology has substantially improved over time. As of now, it has been used at a wider range in the world of affiliate marketing. A push notification is known as an automated message sent to the application users when they are not using the application. You can certainly make a lot of money by targeting this niche in your affiliate marketing journey. I will some of the best push notification affiliate programs with you in this article. Let’s start discussing them: –

1. The EvaDav Affiliate Program

What does EvaDav do?

EvaDav is a highly experienced advertising company having an experience of over a decade. The major focus of the company is on the utilization of push notifications in the technological world to sell more and more products and services. If you are highly experienced in push notifications, then you must join this marketing network.

EvaDav Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

EvaDav pays its affiliates a recurring commission of 5% on each sale generated through their affiliate links. There are 12+ payment options available in this affiliate program. There are over 100 affiliate marketing offers available to the affiliates. They can choose the ones that suit them the best.

2. The PushEngage Affiliate Program

What does PushEnagage do?

PushEngage is a leading company in the world of push notifications. It sends more than 9 billion push notifications for more than 10000 vendors in a month. The notifications are sent in around 150 countries across the globe.

PushEngage Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

As a PushEngage affiliate, you are required to bring new customers to the platform. The company pays you a commission of 30% based on the plan purchased by your referral. The cookie duration under this affiliate program is 60 days. The best thing about this affiliate program is its auto-deposit feature. The minimum payout under this affiliate program is only $10. So, you can still get money if you work on a short-term basis for this company.

3. The PushCrew Affiliate Program

What does PushCrew do?

PushCrew is a strong competitor of PushEngage. The company is serving more than 11000 customers at the global level. It sends around 10 million notifications on a daily basis on behalf of its customers. A huge business growth is witnessed by the businesses that partnered with PushCrew. 

PushCrew Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The PushCrew affiliate program offers a commission of 30% on each sale generated through your affiliate link. The cookie duration under this affiliate program is unknown. The company provides its affiliate with necessary resources and support to help them get success. You can make a lot of money as PushCrew is an exceptional aid in terms of marketing products and services.


The Push Notification industry has seen an amazing growth in the recent times. The technology has evolved and become more useful. You can make a lot of money while working in this niche as an affiliate marketer. I would recommend you to join the affiliate programs discussed in this article to monetize your Push Notification traffic. Join them now!