The Best Airline Affiliate Programs

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The Best 3 Airline Affiliate Programs to Make money

You cannot ignore airline affiliate programs based on their utmost potential of providing you decent commissions. People in the travel niche should know some of the best airline affiliate programs to earn handy profits in the form of commission. Let us discuss the best airline affiliate programs for people in the travel niche: –

1. The Travelocity Affiliate Program

The Travelocity affiliate program is suitable for travel bloggers, tour agencies, and/or hotel accommodation sites. You can create your affiliate link through CJ Affiliate Portal to get a commission of up to 6%.

What does Travelocity do?

Travelocity, an all-in-one flight booking service provider, works on the principle of making the reservation process as smooth as possible. It offers incredible deals to visitors in the form of cheap flights, hotels, cars, and many more.

Travelocity Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

Travelocity Affiliate Program is designed for travel bloggers, and other travel niche sites to bring customers to the site. The company pays a commission of up to 6% to the affiliates upon successful purchases of airline tickets, hotel accommodations, cruise deals, etc. 

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2. The Kayak Affiliate Program 

The Kayak affiliate program is for those who want to monetize their website’s traffic with the best travel search engine. The company pays commission to the affiliates through the pay per click mechanism. 

What does Kayak do? 

Kayak is a revolutionary project in the travel industry established in 2004. It has been processing over 6 billion queries per year to help travelers across the globe.

Kayak Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

Through this affiliate program, you can generate up to $0.95 per click. You will get paid by Kayak if a user clicks out from a search result for hotels and flights. You will get commission on various deals, flights, hotels, and cruises.

3. The Emirates Affiliate Program 

The Emirates Affiliate Program offers competitive commission rates to its affiliates. The company uses the payment method of Percentage of sales for its affiliate program. There are various networks that can be used to join the Emirates Affiliate program including Admitad, CJ, Skimlinks, and VigLink. The payouts through the Admitad network are up to 2.5%. The CJ network offers payouts of 1.25% while the Skimlinks network offers payouts up to 2.5%. Last but not least, the VigLink network provides 1.27% payouts.   

What does Emirates do?

Emirates Airlines is one of the leading global airlines based in Dubai, UAE. It is known for its exceptional range of flights and excellent customer services. 

Emirates Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

By Joining the Emirates Affiliate Program, you can earn a commission of up to 2.5% on ticket sales and other deals. As you are going to become an affiliate of one of the leading airlines, you should expect handy returns from it. It is one of the best affiliate programs you will find in the airline niches. 


If you are working in the travel niche as a travel blogger or influencer, then you must get into these affiliate programs to earn noticeable commissions. You will bring traffic and sales to the largest travel sites, and the sites will pay you a handsome commission for your efforts. Do not underestimate the potential of affiliate marketing in terms of profit. Join these programs now!