The Best Art Affiliate Programs

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The Best 3 Art Affiliate Programs to Make money

The best thing about the art niche is that it is not too famous among the affiliate marketers and influencers. However, the art industry worth around $80 billion USD at the moment. The future projections for art industry growth are highly positive. So, there is a huge potential for growth as an affiliate marketer if you promote art products selling online. Moreover, there is no too much crowd here and you always have a better chance to convince people to buy arts. Let us discuss the top 3 affiliate programs in the art niche. 

1. The Society 6 Affiliate Program 

What does Society 6 do?

Society 6 is serving as an online platform for thousands of artists to showcase their artworks and find potential buyers. The visitors see products created by over 300,000 creators from all across the world. In the category of wall arts, the company is selling products ranging from wood pieces to canvas prints. Society 6 knows the importance of affiliate marketing that is why it offers substantial commissions to its affiliates for boosting its sales. 

Society 6 Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Society 6 affiliate program offers 5% commission on each sale brought by an affiliate with a cookie duration of 30 days. However, it does not pay commission for affiliated gift card sales that is a drawback as far as the other affiliate programs are concerned in this niche. 

2. The Fine Art America Affiliate Program 

What does Fine Art America do?

Fine Art America works on the business plan of helping artists to sell their images to the potential buyers by using the print-on-demand technology. The company has a vast range of categories down to creative cups and mugs. However, the major focus of Fine Art America is to sell wall arts. The buyers will find artworks created by at least 100,000 artists on this site. The company has 16 global distribution centers that makes it easy for the customers to receive their orders quickly.

Fine Art America Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Fine Art America affiliate program offers 8% commission for each affiliated sale that is quite lucrative for affiliate marketers and art influencers. The cookie duration offered by this affiliate program is 30 days. You should expect to earn around $13.51 in commission for each sale. 

3. The Art Discount (United Kingdom) Affiliate Program 

What does Art Discount (United Kingdom) do?

Art Discount is a UK-based company selling art supplies to its customers at discounted rates for more than 100 years. The customers looking for an ink, brush, pencil, paint, paper, or canvas will surly find it on Art Discount at the best rate. The company sells the products manufactured by the leading brands such as Daler Rowney, Derwent, and many more. 

Art Discount (UK) Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The commission rate offered by the Art Discount Affiliate Program is 4% for each sale made through your affiliate link. The cookie duration is 14 days under this affiliate program. The best thing about the Art Discount Affiliate Program is that artists buy art utensils in bulk that could help you get huge profit from even a single sale. 


The art niche is not heavily crowded with affiliate marketers for various reasons. However, it has a huge potential to help affiliate marketers earn handy commissions. It is one of the rapidly growing industries and a trend of online art purchases is developing convincingly. As an affiliate marketer or art influencer, you should surely get into this niche now!