The Best Binary Options Affiliate Programs

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In this article I’ll be diving into my top recommendations for Binary Options affiliates. Whether you have a Binary Options blog or you are a Binary Options influencer or just a beginner to the world of affiliate marketing, this post will prove helpful to you as I have something special to tell you about ;).

First, have a look at my one of a kind list of travel affiliate programs and my comments about each. It’s enough info for you to make use of this page to choose a few programs to start promoting.

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The Best 3 Binary Options Affiliate Programs to Make money

If you are operating a website, blog, or any other online platform related to finance, trading, and binary options, then you can earn money by using affiliate marketing. There are hundreds of Binary Options brokers who need you to get more traders and investors. It is a huge industry where more and more traders are coming with the passage of every minute. People are interested in attaining financial freedom through trading and binary options is one of the best opportunities for them to do so. Here, you will find the best Binary Options affiliate programs that are highly reputable and profitable for an affiliate marketer, influencer, and/or blogger.  

1. The Affiliate Program 

What does do? is a trading company that provides an easy access to almost everyone to reach financial markets and earn money. It allows people to trade major currencies, indices, binary options, CFDs, Cryptos, and metals. The company provides hundreds of tradable instruments that are highly innovative and backed by the most modern technology. Last but not least, has won numerous awards in the field of finance such as Best Fixed-Odds firm in Global Banking and Finance Review, and Best Binary Options Broker in 16th MENA Financial Forum Expo. Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The affiliate program has more than 40000 members who have already earned over 12 million (USD). The company is having its partners from more than 150 countries. This program offers a commission of up to 45% to its affiliates based on the revenue generated by the referred investors. The affiliates are get paid by the company on the 15th of every month. The cookie duration for a referral link is unknown. 

2. The Binarycent Affiliate Program 

What does Binarycent do?

Binarycent is an online broker that allows its users to trade binary options and CFD conveniently. It provides the best trading conditions in the field of foreign exchange, CFD, and binary options trading. The users get a competitive benefit of receiving their payout within 1 hour of making a withdrawal. In 2015, Binarycent won the Best Broker award at the global level.

Binarycent Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Binarycent affiliate program offers a commission of 60-70% on each lead brought by an affiliate marketer, influencer, or blogger. The cookie duration for a referral link under this program is unknown. The company is accepting affiliates from all across the world where it operates. The best thing about this company is that it is regulated by the Financial Services Commission.  

3. The Ayrex Affiliate Program 

What does Ayrex do?

Ayrex is a financial company that combines the best technology with the best trading offers for binary options, forex, and other traders. The company provides over 60 trading instruments to its users. In terms of payout percentage, it is the leading broker as compared to its competitors. The state-of-the-art technology used by Ayrex eliminates the chances of slow execution losses and makes it an ultra-fast trading platform. 

Ayrex Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

If you are looking to work as an affiliate marketer in the field of binary options, then Ayrex is one of the best targets for you to earn huge profits through promoting its services. You will get paid by the company a commission of up to 55% per sale made through your referral links. The company has not disclosed the cookie duration for affiliate links. 


Binary Options is one of the highly paying niche in terms of affiliate marketing. The Binary Options brokers need affiliate marketers to gain exposure in the market. You can easily become one of the promoters of the above-mentioned brokers that are offering commissions of up to 55%. Join now!