The Best Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

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The Best 3 Bitcoin Affiliate Programs to Make money

The way Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have gained popularity in a short period of time is quite phenomenal. There are millions of people in the world who have already invested in bitcoin and other digital currencies. Millions of more people are ready to become crypto investors. As a bitcoin affiliate, you need to promote bitcoin trading platforms, educational services, and trade-related services to your online audience. There are a lot of bitcoin affiliate programs that offer huge profits on promoting their services. In this article, I have collected some of the best bitcoin affiliate programs to help you make a good choice. Let’s discuss them in detail: –

1. The Binance Affiliate Program

What does Binance do?

Binance is one of the most popular bitcoin and other altcoins trading platform. This exchange was originally created in Hong Kong. After Chinese crackdown of crypto exchanges, the exchange shifted from Hong Kong to other locations. You will see new coins listed on this platform on a regular basis. It has its own crypto coin as well known as Binance Coin (BNB). 

Binance Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Binance affiliate program can be joined by everyone from anywhere across the world. The company pays its affiliates a commission of 20% on each referral came through an affiliate link. If you have around 500 BNB in your Binance wallet, then the commission rate becomes 40% for you. The company pays its affiliates in cryptocurrencies. 

2. The Coinmama Affiliate Program

What does Coinmama do?

Coinmama was founded back in 2013 as a brokerage firm to allow people to trade bitcoin and Ethereum. Since then, the company has expanded its crypto portfolio to a number of other crypto coins including Ripple, Cardano, and many more. You can sell Bitcoin to Coinmama as well. 

Coinmama Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Coinmama affiliate program pays its affiliates a lifetime commission of 15% on each purchase made by their referrals. You can track your affiliate marketing performance through a software named cellxpert. The company pays its affiliates in fiat money. The lifetime commission structure makes this affiliate program highly attractive. 

3. The LocalBitcoins Affiliate Program

What does LocalBitcoins do?

Nikolaus Kangas, a Finnish entrepreneur, started LocalBitcoins in 2012 as a platform to allow people to buy or sell bitcoin in exchange of fiat cash. The company allows people to buy and sell bitcoin in around 248 countries. The workability of this platform is based on person-to-person (P2P) exchange of bitcoin at a mutually decided rate. The Escrow wallet option on this platform minimizes the risk to zero. 

LocalBitcoins Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The LocalBitcoins affiliate program pays its affiliates a commission of 20% on each fee paid by their referrals to the platform. The company pays its affiliates in Bitcoin. If you bring both buyer and seller to LocalBitcoins, then you can earn 40% commission on the trading fee paid by them (20% from each). Remember, after 1-year of your referral’s stay on LocalBitcoins, you will not be paid commission by the company. 


Bitcoin in itself a trillion-dollar asset. The market cap of this digital asset is about to reach 1 trillion dollars. The demand for bitcoin is rising rapidly over time as more and more people are becoming aware of its value and efficacy. You can surely make a lot of money while bringing people to the platforms that deal in buying and selling bitcoin as discussed above. Start your bitcoin affiliate marketing now!