The Best Book Affiliate Programs

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The Best 3 Book Affiliate Programs to Make money

There are various reasons behind people reading books. Some read them to gain knowledge while others to get entertainment. Some read them to pass their educational courses while others to freshen their mind. The most important thing is people still value written words. In the present age, the book industry has a value of over $120 billion (USD). Where there is money, there is a chance for earning profit through affiliate marketing. In this article, you will know some of the best book affiliate programs that can help you earn passive income. 

1. The Indigo Books Affiliate Program  

What does Indigo Books do?

Indigo Books (aka !ndigo) is a Canadian bookstore company known for selling books, music, gifts, and toys. The company has its stores in all ten provinces of Canada. The main selling platform of the company is its website. The major product sold by the company is books. You will find a range of books available on Indigo Books website in several categories such as fiction, non-fiction, kids books, teen books, and many more.   

Indigo Books Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Indigo Books affiliate program targets content creators, online businesses, and authors to earn commission through sending buyers to The commission rate for each referred sale is 5% under this program. It is one of the easiest way to monetize your website or social media page. Indigo Books has partnered with Commission Junction (CJ) to run its affiliate program. The cookie duration for each affiliated link is 7 days. 

2. The Textbook Solutions Affiliate Program 

What does Textbook Solutions do?

Textbook Solutions is an online company that solves a crucial problem faced by people across the world related to the books. It is hard for people to find some amazing books and they are also becoming highly expensive. Two Texas graduates created Textbook Solutions, a bookstore, to solve this problem. It helps people to find, rent, buy, and sell books.   

Textbook Solutions Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Textbook Solutions affiliate program is designed by the company to boost its sales. The company offers a handy commission of 30% on each affiliated sale. The cookie duration for each referral link is 1 day under this program. It is a useful program as it rents books to the students and general public. People prefer renting over purchasing as it is cheap.

3. The Barnes and Noble Affiliate Program 

What does Barnes and Noble do?

Barnes and Noble is a retail outlet that sells books, eBooks, and NOOK. The company is having over 600 stores in all US states. According to the statistics, it is the largest bookselling company in terms of having the most number of stores in the US. Apart from books and eBooks, the shoppers can purchase toys, music, games, and movies from here, too. The online selling potential is the main strength of the company. 

Barnes and Noble Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Barnes and Noble affiliate program allows its partners to earn commission through placing ads, banners, and links on their site to send traffic to The company has a partnership with Commission Junction to provide real-time commission reporting, tracking, and monthly commission checks to its affiliates. Under this affiliate program, you can earn a commission of 2% on each physical product sale brought by your referrals. The commission rate reaches 4% on the digital product sales over a 1-day cookie window. 


People love books and they will keep loving them based on their interests and the importance of book reading. However, it is hard to find the books that are worth reading. You can earn handy commissions through helping people find them. Some of the most profitable offers have been discussed in this article. Join these programs now and start earning passive income!