The Best CBD Affiliate Programs

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The Best 3 CBD Affiliate Programs to Make money

CBD (Cannabidiol) is an emerging chemical that has various important daily life use cases. However, the demand for this chemical has risen dramatically over time. It is actually a chemical substance present in cannabis that does not produce a high in the user. It is an effective chemical in terms of handling pain, anxiety, and depression. 

According to the predictions, the global CBD market is going to grow over 21% per annum for the next seven years. In 2028, the estimated worth of the CBD market is projected approximately $13 billion. 

It is always the best option for an affiliate marketer to target a niche that has a huge potential of growth in the upcoming years. Luckily, the CBD market has such potential. There are hundreds of affiliate programs in this niche that need affiliates like you. Let’s discuss some of the best CBD affiliate programs out there: –

1. The Green Roads Affiliate Program 

What does Green Roads do?

Green Roads is the largest privately-owned CBD company in the US having its products selling in over 10000 retail locations. The company sells high-quality, lab-approved CBD products to its huge range of customers to ensure transparency and standard. It produces CBD products that are effective against stress, sleeplessness, pain, and lack of immunity and focus. Green Roads has products for pets, too. Last but not least, it has a huge potential for growth especially due to the rise of demand for CBD at the global level.  

Green Roads Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

Green Roads is known for its affordable product rates. It believes in affiliate marketing to take its products to more and more customers. Under the Green Roads affiliate program, the affiliates can earn a commission of 10% on each sale made through their affiliate links. The cookie duration is 30 days for an affiliate link. As most products are low priced, you have to make a lot of sales to earn huge profits through this program.

2. The CBD Medic Affiliate Program 

What does CBD Medic do?

CBD Medic is one of the best CBD product sellers available on the internet. The company targets the customers who are suffering from muscle & joint pain, arthritis, foot & ankle pain, back & neck pain, eczema, acne, and itch & rash. The products sold by CBD medic have clinically proven results. Moreover, CBD Medic creams, ointments, and massage oils are 100% natural having no artificial ingredients. 

CBD Medic Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The marketing strategy of CBD Medic is based on partnering with high-profile sportspeople such as Carli Lloyd. It is basically for selling products that are beneficial for sports activities. However, to promote medical benefits, the company has designed an affiliate program. Under this program, an affiliate can earn a commission of up to 40% on making each sale. The cookie duration in this program is 30 days. 

3. The CBDFX Affiliate Program 

What does CBDFX do?

CBDFX is a famous company that sells CBD products in various categories including CBD Edibles, Mushrooms + CBD, CBD for Pets, CBD Sleep Aids, CBD Vape, and Tropicals. The company promises a safe and high-quality experience to the customers for maximum benefits. Moreover, it sells products after getting them verified for potency.    

CBDFX Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The CBDFX affiliate program pays a handsome commission of 25% on each sale made through affiliate links. The cookie duration for a referral window is 90 days under this program. The affiliate marketers can join this program through RevOffers, an affiliate network dedicated to promoting CBD products.  


The CBD market is growing rapidly over time as people have started realizing the true potential of this chemical extracted from cannabis. Remember, it is the non-potent chemical present in the cannabis plants in a huge quantity. CBD has proven benefits in terms of pain relief, sleep management, pet health, skincare, and many more. The affiliate programs discussed in this article can help you earn substantial passive income through promoting CBD products. Join them now!