The Best Charity Affiliate Programs

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The Best 3 Charity Affiliate Programs to Make money

Most people have a perception that nonprofit organizations and charities do need make money. In reality, the worth of nonprofit and charity organizations at the global level is around $300 billion. According to the predictions, their worth may reach $400 billion by 2030. There are thousands of charity groups ranging from local charity organizations to multinational charity firms. They need affiliate marketers to promote their services and bring more donors. In this article, you will know some of the best charity affiliate programs that may help you earn handy profits. 

1. The Affiliate Program  

What does do? is a US-based organization that helps nonprofit groups raise millions of dollars through their noble campaigns. The company was founded with an idea to help such organization raise money by fundraising. There are various products that are sold by to raise funds such as lollipops, chocolate, katydids, scented fundraisers, and many more. Through this platform, the nonprofit organizations such as schools, churches, and scouts get quality products that give them maximum profits. Moreover, it sells fundraising guides as well. Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The affiliate program offers a commission to 10% on each referred sale. The cookie duration offered by this program is unknown. If your referral orders a free fundraising guide, then you will get $3 from the group. Your efforts are going to be paid for whichever route you take. 

2. The CARE Affiliate Program 

What does CARE do?

CARE is a multinational nonprofit organization working on mission of saving lives and ending poverty. CARE provides its services in various areas including emergency response, women and girls rights, food & nutrition security and climate change advocacy, health, and advocacy against violence. This organization works in more than 19 developing countries in the world where poverty is a major issue. 

CARE Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

CARE needs donation to provide its services. In order to reach more people, it has developed an affiliate program to raise as much funds as possible. Under this program, an affiliate gets 6.4% commission on each donation brought by him. The cookie duration for each referral link is 30 days under this program. 

3. The Brides Against Breast Cancer Affiliate Program

What does Brides Against Breast Cancer do? 

Brides Against Breast Cancer is a charity working to help women fight against breast cancer since 1990s. This organization raises funds through selling donated wedding dresses at an affordable rate. The money generated through these sales is spent on breast cancer treatment. However, it needs affiliate marketers to promote these dresses to reach potential buyers. 

Brides Against Breast Cancer Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Brides Against Breast Cancer affiliate program offers a commission of 10% on each wedding dress sold through an affiliate link. The cookie duration under this program is 30 days. According to the recent stats, the average order value on Brides Against Breast Cancer is $650.  


As an affiliate marketer, you should join such programs for a greater cause of helping marginalized people to fulfill their needs. You will get a handy reward for your help in the form of commission. These programs are highly profitable as people love to donate if they understand the purpose of a charity. Join them now!