The Best Credit Card Affiliate Programs

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The Best 3 Credit Card Affiliate Programs to Make money

The credit card industry is highly competitive in terms of affiliate marketing, but it has a huge worth of almost $3.5 trillion. The experienced credit card affiliates earn thousands of dollars per month by promoting the offers of some of the best companies. You get a life-changing opportunity if you use a right strategy while promoting the credit card products and services. You can certainly make five-figure commissions per month if you target the right customers. Let us discuss some of the best available affiliate programs in this niche. 

1. The American Express Affiliate Program 

What does American Express do?

American Express (AKA Amex) is one of the biggest credit card companies like Mastercard and VISA. The company also operates outside of the US based on its huge popularity. In Canada, the company has been operating since 1853. The American Express affiliate program offers you a huge opportunity to earn as much as $200 CAD per lead for referring new credit card customers. Is not it the most lucrative credit card affiliate program? 

American Express Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The American Express affiliate program offers a huge commission of up to $200 per lead. The cookie duration under this program is 7 days that should be improved somehow to provide more benefits to the affiliates. According to the stats, the average EPC under this program is around $645. 

2. The Bankrate Credit Cards Affiliate Program 

What does Bankrate Credit Cards do?

Bankrate started its business as a print company providing financial information to its customers. In 1996, the company adopted the digital technologies to go online. Bankrate Credit Cards was a part of its online campaign to provide the best information about credit cards to its audience. It serves as an affiliate credit card network. You can still earn a handy profit to work as a sub-affiliate for Bankrate affiliate network.

Bankrate Credit Cards Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Bankrate Credit Cards affiliate program is a good opportunity for affiliate marketers to earn handy commission. However, the commission rate and the cookie duration under this affiliate marketing program are unknown. But you should expect a healthy passive income while working as a Bankrate affiliate. 

3. The USAA Credit Cards Affiliate Program 

What does USAA Credit Cards do?

USAA was founded in 1922 as a financial service provider to the military community of the United States of America. It started its business as an auto insurance provider, however, it added more services frequently later on such as banking, mortgage, real estate, and retirement products and services related to the finance. The company is known as a major supplier of Visa, Amex and many other credit cards. The targeted customers of USAA Credit Cards are active and retired military officials. 

USAA Credit Cards Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

An affiliate program must offer money to its affiliates for their services, and USAA provides good amounts to its affiliates through its affiliate program. Under this program, you can earn a commission of up to $20 per lead. The cookie duration offered by this program is 30 days that is quite okay. 


The credit card niche has huge money in it. It targets people who have money in savings to keep in banks. The credit card service providers are also willing to pay huge amounts for bringing customers to them. So, you should join the above-mentioned programs to start making handsome profits now.