The Best Credit Repair Affiliate Programs

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The Best 3 Credit Repair Affiliate Programs to Make money

Credit score is one of the major concerns of every average American. The reasons behind this concern is the reliance of loans and card approval on credit. However, it is hard to recover for those who are suffering from bad credit. A credit repair service provider makes it easy for its concerned clients to recover their credit. It is a lucrative field having a huge appeal for a range of people. Joining a credit repair affiliate program is a huge opportunity to earn extra cash in the form of passive income. Here are some of the best credit repair affiliate programs available out there: –

1. The 30-Day Credit Repair Affiliate Program 

What does 30-Day Credit Repair do?

We believe information is king and knowledge is a huge power. It is important for everyone to know what credit score is before start working on repairing it. In order to repair credit score, the meaning of each part of credit is needed to be understood. 30-Day Credit Repair has a professional team that knows how to achieve your credit goal. The services provided by the company include personal credit advice, unlimited disputes with credit agencies, pay-for-delete negotiations, positive credit advice, and load approval services. 

30-Day Credit Repair Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The 30-Day Credit Repair affiliate program offers a lucrative commission of up to 40% on each client brought by an affiliate marketer. However, the cookie length is variable under this program. The minimum pay out offered by the company is $50. The earned commissions are paid to the affiliates on a monthly basis. 

2. The American Debt Enders Affiliate Program 

What does American Debt Enders do?

American Debt Enders is a renowned company that provides variety of services to meet different needs of its clients related to the credit repair. Some of the notable services offered by the company include bankruptcy services, payday loans, debt dispute services, student loan consolidation, debt management, debt settlement, and credit restoration. It is among the first companies that started providing credit repair services in the US. The customer services offered by American Debt Enders are highly commendable. 

American Debt Enders Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The American Debt Enders affiliate program offers a handy commission of 40% on each qualified call while a commission of 20% for qualified form fills. The cookie duration under this affiliate program is variable. The affiliate program is run on the ShareASale affiliate marketing network. You will get paid on a monthly basis as an American Debt Enders affiliate. 

3. The Credit RX America Affiliate Program 

What does Credit RX America do?

Credit RX American is among the top 10 credit repair companies in the United States of America. The company is known for providing highly quick positive credit ratings to its clients. According to the official website of the company, you will get your credit fully repaired within a month. Their services initiate with a free audit to identify the areas that create significant issues to your credit. Some of the common credit issues faced by most people are late payments, public records, and collections. An individual Credit RX America client spends $1500 to get full services. You should expect a commission of up to $200 from each referral. 

Credit RX America Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Credit RX America affiliate program offers a commission of 15% to its affiliates for bringing each client. The cookie duration under this program is variable. However, you will surely get handy commission for bringing noticeable clients to the company. On average, Credit RX America charges $1500 to its clients. 


One of the common issues faced by average Americans is negative credit. It keeps Americans away from loans and other financial benefits. They are willing to spend money on repairing their credit to avail various financial opportunities in the US. Join these programs now if you have a credit repair blog, website, or social media pages.