The Best Cruise Affiliate Programs

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The Best 3 Cruise Affiliate Programs to Make money

People want to enjoy as hard as possible, and a holiday trip on a cruise is one of the best options in this regard. According to the recent stats, a 10-day cruise deal costs around $3700 on average per person. The cruise industry has a huge worth of around $130 billion and it is growing rapidly over time. There are various phenomenal cruise affiliate programs available there that pay huge commissions on referring clients. Let us discuss some of them briefly. 

1. The Royal Caribbean Affiliate Program 

What does Royal Caribbean do?

Royal Caribbean International was launched in 1969 with an idea of redefining cruise vacationing at the sea across the world. The targeted customers of the company are adventurous vacationers and families. The company provides extraordinary experience to the visitors in the form of splendid voyages, rock climbing, surfing, and ice skating. The friendly and engaging customer services of the company allows the visitors to enjoy as hard as possible while sailing on the world’s best destinations. Caribbean, Bahamas, Alaska, Mediterranean, Europe, Hawaii, Greece, Bermuda, Mexico, New England, Asia, and Canada are some of the popular destinations where Royal Caribbean provides its cruise services to a wide range of vacationers.  

Royal Caribbean Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Royal Caribbean International affiliate program offers a commission of 4% on each sale. The affiliate program is currently having an EPC of around £96. Moreover, the company offers a cookie duration of 45 days under this program. The company needs affiliates from all across the world based on its international services. 

2. The Polynesian Cultural Centre Affiliate Program 

What does Polynesian Cultural Centre do?

Polynesian Cultural Centre provides an extraordinary travel experience to the visitors. It incorporates the culture of six islands including Tonga, Tahiti, Hawaii, Samoa, Fiji, and Aotearoa. The travellers get a chance to play ancient games, dance with grace, and learn how to fish while traveling with this company. The Polynesian islands have become a huge attraction for visitors over time and Polynesian Culture Centre is exploring the culture of these islands since 1963. 

Polynesian Cultural Centre Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

Polynesian Cultural Centre offers various packages to the travellers to explore 6 islands villages. However, it needs affiliate marketers to promote its products and services. The affiliates earn a commission of 5% on each sale made through their affiliate links on while a commission of 7% on each sale on The cookie duration under this program is 60 days. 

3. The Orbitz Affiliate Program

What does Orbitz do?

Orbitz has been advocating safe and inclusive travel for the last two decades. It is present in the travel industry when there were only a few travellers across the world. Currently, Orbitz provides most competitive deals to the travellers in terms of stays, flights, packages, cars, cruises, and travel things. The company also provides travel help to the LGBTQ+ community, too. 

Orbitz Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Orbitz affiliate program runs on the Commission Juction (CJ) network. This affiliate program offers a commission between 2-7% on each sale made through an affiliate link. The cookie duration under this program is 7 days. The best thing about this affiliate program is its proven success in the recent times. 


The travel niche has been rising rapidly over time. The craze for cruise holidays is developing positively among people from all across the world. From the US to the Caribbean and Asia, cruise ships are loading more and more travellers to provide them the life-best experience. Join these affiliate programs to start earning passive income now!