The Best Dating Affiliate Programs

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The Best 3 Dating Affiliate Programs to Make money

If we talk about the best features of internet, then meeting new people through internet will be the best one. Everyone of us wants to find love and online dating sites are the best places in this regard. Around 40% of the US adults use online dating platforms, according to a survey. There are at least 2000 dating sites working on allowing males and females to meet and greet. For affiliate marketers, promoting dating sites is highly profitable as a lot of money is being involved in this niche. The conversion rate and commission in this niche are quite amazing. In this article, you will know some of the best dating affiliate programs that can help you gain huge passive income. 

1. The Cupid Media Affiliate Program

What does Cupid Media do?

Cupid Media is a worldwide dating platform that connects singles to find and make love. Not only meeting, the platform allows its users to connect in a purposeful and meaningful manner. The company believes that love is possible regardless of where you live or who you love. Cupid Media has more than 55 million active users and it operates in at least 40 languages at a global level. 

Cupid Media Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Cupid Media affiliate program offers a commission rate of 75% on each referred sale. The cookie duration for a referral link is 40 days under this program. The company provides banners and text links to its approved affiliates to make things easier for them. Under Cupid Media, there are 35 niche sites that cater different areas of online dating. The average commission for each successful sale is around $20. 

2. The eHarmony Affiliate Program 

What does eHarmony do?

eHarmony describes its business as a place to connect people in a meaningful manner. The company is managed by some professional and experienced members including Gareth Mendel, Stefan Schulze, and Carlos Robles. eHarmony is passionate to help people create love regardless of boundaries. There are hundreds of thousands of singles that have already found their love through eHarmony. The success stories of eHarmony are highly inspirational, motivational, and exceptional. 

eHarmony Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

eHarmony is one of the most trusted dating sites available in the US. It is easy to promote the services and products offered by this company. The company looks for long-term partners when it talks about its affiliate marketing program. The commission rate offered by the eHarmony affiliate program is 20% with a cookie duration of 45 days. The program runs on the Commission Junction (CJ) affiliate network. 

3. The EliteSingles Affiliate Program 

What does EliteSingles do?

Elitesingles is an online dating platform that looks for members who are looking for a serious relationship. According to the current stats, 85% of the EliteSingles members hold a university degree while the same percentage is above 30 in terms of age. It is a perfect site for people who are serious about dating. The company operates in over 20 countries across the world and makes at least 2000 couples per month. The company has continuously been improving its matchmaking algorithm to ensure that the singles get what they prefer in their partner. 

EliteSingles Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The commission rate under this program is $7. The company follows the pay-per-lead (PPL) model to pay commission to its affiliates. The cookie duration under this program is 45 days. The affiliate marketers should target people above 30 years of age and having a degree as the targeted audience of EliteSingles are these people. The program runs on the CJ affiliate marketing network. 


Online dating is one of the emerging niches as thousands of singles have been turning into couples by using online dating platforms. The online dating companies use exceptional algorithms to provide a specific match for a member based on his/her preferences. It is one of the niches that has exceptional conversion rate. For beginners, the dating niche is the best one to target. Start earning now by registering to the dating affiliate programs discussed in this article.