The Best Dog Affiliate Programs

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The Best 3 Dog Affiliate Programs to Make money

Dogs are among the most favourite pets as millions of people love them. The relationship with a dog is more than just having a pet. From the historic perspective, dogs became a part of our lives when they started assisting humans in hunting. After that, it became a domestic animal, a friend of humans, and a loyal partner. People having a dog at home spend more than $1300 per years on his food and care. In the US, there are approximately 90 million pet dogs. Searches related to dogs, their food, breed, and health are rising heavily over tome on the internet. If you want to target this niche for affiliate marketing, then you will find some of the best affiliate programs available for everyone in this article. 

1. The Chewy Affiliate Program

What does Chewy do?

Chewy is online marketplace where you will find food and products related to the dogs, cats, and other pet animals. The company has been working on the mission of becoming a trusted and convenient destination for pet parents and partners since 2011. If you have a dog as a pet, then you will get everything he needs from Chewy at the best prices. The company has listed over 2000 pet brands that offer the best products for them to the pet owners. Moreover, it provides 24/7 support to the customers to help them as much as possible. 

Chewy Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

Chewy is one of the largest online pet-related food and products sellers in the US. The Chewy affiliate program is known for excellent support provided by the Chewy Affiliate Managers. It cares about its affiliate partners. The company gives a commission of $15 for each customer brought by you with a cookie duration of 15 days for each affiliate link.  

2. The Fi Affiliate Program 

What does Fi do?

Fi is the smartest dog collar available on the market. The collar provides real-time tracking of a dog wearing it to help the owners find him anytime. The accuracy of the GPS used in this collar is highly appreciable. The GPS communication is carried out by LTE-M cellular network. It is the most technologically sophisticated and aesthetically considered dog collar. The Fi Makers can make the collar as you want if you have a design in your mind. The collar is water-proof and dust-proof. The Fi app provides information about your dog regularly. Don’t forget to use the Sleep Tracking feature of this product. 

Fi Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

In the US, there are over 2 million dogs that are stolen each year. Fi is the perfect solution to stay away from this embarrassment. You can earn commission by promoting this product online through your blog, website, and/or social media page. The commission offers by Fi to its affiliates is 20% on each sale. The EPC under this program is $179.5 and the cookie duration is 45 days. 

3. The Dog Med Laser Affiliate Program 

What does Dog Med Laser do?

Dog Med Laser is a medical pet laser designed to perform home therapy to treat various dog health issues. The product is designed by the professionals after considering various medical, well-being, and comfort needs of dogs. This pet laser is helpful to address post-surgery recovery, joint disorders in older dogs, common injuries, and dog performance. It is a photo-biomodulation therapy laser. Most importantly, no side effects are caused by this laser therapy device. The product is made in Canada and can be purchased in easy 6-month instalments.    

Dog Med Laser Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Dog Med Laser affiliate program offers a substantial commission of 10% on each sale generated through your affiliate link. The product is loved by thousands of dog owners. If a purchaser is not happy with the efficacy of the laser within the 90 days, then he can return it to the company. For each sale, you can expect a commission of around $50. The cookie duration for each referral link is 30 days.   


Dogs have been loved by humans for thousands of years and they will be loved by them in the future, too. People are spending thousands of dollars on dogs’ food, health, wellbeing, nourishment, and comfort. Where there is money, there is chance to earn profit by promoting products and services. The dog niche is one of the best in this regard. Join these programs and start earning passive income now by monetizing your sites, blogs, and social media pages.