The Best Electronics Affiliate Programs

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The Best 3 Electronics Affiliate Programs to Make money

We are living in the most modern world where electronic devices are a major part of our everyday life. We live with electronic devices ranging from a toaster in our kitchen to a wristwatch on our hand. The current worth of the US electronics market is around $500 billion. At the global level, the electronics industry has a worth of almost 1 trillion USD. In a broader context, an average person spends around $250 on electronic products per year. You need to choose the best and heavily selling products to promote as an affiliate marketer. In this article, you will some of the best affiliate programs available in the electronics niche. 

1. The Samsung Affiliate Program 

What does Samsung do?

Samsung is one of the most famous brands of electronic products at the global level. The major products manufactured by Samsung include mobile phones, TV and audio devices, home appliances, smart home, and computing devices. Along with individual products, the company offers various deals to its customers to help them save a lot of money. The company has built a huge trust and reputation in the global markets based on its excellent quality and customer relation. 

Samsung Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Samsung affiliate program offers a commission of 2-4% to its affiliates. The cookie duration under this affiliate program is 14 days. The EPC for this affiliate program is approximately $63. The program runs on the Commission Junction (CJ) affiliate marketing network. Based on the price of products offered by Samsung, 2-4% commission is really a good one.   

2. The Slendertone Affiliate Program 

What does Slendertone do?

Slendertone is an FDA-approved toning and firming device. The product follows the wearable technology medical standards. Slendertone provides 60-days guarantee for the clinically proven results claimed by the company. If a customer does not achieve satisfying results, then he/she can return the product back to the company. This EMS-based device has been created by the experts in the field of body toning and firming. The series of devices created by the company provides increased body satisfaction, increased abdominal firmness, increased abdominal tone, increased core strength, and increased abdominal endurance.  

Slendertone Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Slendertone affiliate program offers a handy commission of 8% on the sale of each product through an affiliate link. The cookie duration under this program is 45 days that allows you to persuade your audience to buy this product. The average price of Slendertone products is $130. It means you can earn a commission of $10 for each sale. The most important thing is that people trust this EMS-based abdominal firming and toning device.   

3. The UpTradeIt Affiliate Program 

What does UpTradeIt do?

UpTradeIt is a renowned seller of used phones at a lesser price as compared to the original phones. The company is currently selling the used phones of highly reputed brands including iPhone, Google, Samsung, Carrier, and OneNote. The major traits of phones on UpTradeIt are superior quality, authentic photos, and UpTrade certification. New phones are listed on this online platform on a regular basis. The mission of the company is to provide as exciting experience to the users with buying used phones as with the new phones. Last but not least, the company offers 30-day return warranty.  

UpTradeIt Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The UpTradeIt affiliate program offers a commission of 4% on each sale made through an affiliate link. The cookie duration under this affiliate program is 30 days. The average order value on UpTradeIt is $300. So, you can expect a commission of $12 from each referral. Most importantly, there are lots of people who want to buy their phone at a much lower cost as they cannot afford the original one. So, you have good chances of finding them through you blog, website, and/or social media pages. 


No one can deny the importance of electronics in our daily life. From eating to wearing, we are relying and spending money on electronic devices. The value of electronics industry is clos to $1 trillion. Targeting this niche as a newbie or experienced affiliate marketer is the perfect decision. Lets start making money with the above-mentioned phenomenal affiliate programs in the electronics niche.