The Best Fitness Affiliate Programs

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The Best 3 Fitness Affiliate Programs to Make money

People want to live fit and healthy life as the charms of life are dependent on them. They spend a huge amount of money on daily basis to stay fit. That is why the fitness industry has a worth in billions. In the US, the fitness industry generates over $80 billion in revenue. This industry has been growing rapidly over time. The projections for the fitness and health industry are highly promising as the market is expected to witness a continuous growth. If you have a fitness and health-related blog or website, then you can generate thousands of dollars per month by promoting fitness products and services. The fitness influencers have been earning millions of dollars through affiliate programs. Here are some of the best fitness affiliate programs you can join to start earning passive income. 

1. The Horizon Fitness Affiliate Program 

What does Horizon Fitness do?

Horizon Fitness is a renowned manufacturer of treadmills, ellipticals, indoor cycles, fitness accessories, rowers, and massage equipment. The company sells these products in the US and outside of the US through its website. Horizon Fitness manufactures its products on a mission of providing a better exercise experience to its customer at home than in gym. Apart from fitness products, the company offers training and fitness classes to the customers. Horizon Studio Series is one of the best products offered by Horizon Fitness. 

Horizon Fitness Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Horizon Fitness affiliate program uses the services of Impact, an affiliate marketing network, in terms of its operation. The company offers a commission of 8% on each successful sale made through an affiliate link. You can earn around $64 from a single sale under this program. The program offers a cookie duration of 30 days to its affiliates that is quite competitive. Moreover, there is absolutely no joining cost for it.  

2. The Titan Fitness Affiliate Program 

What does Titan Fitness do?

If you are a fitness enthusiast, then you must have heard about Titan Fitness. It is a renowned brand of selling dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, plyoboxes, and many more fitness-related products. The company has been adding more and more products to its selling list over time. You will find a lot of categories on its official site including racks, strength, strongman, endurance, and organize. You can get the shape and body as you want by using Titan Fitness products. If you do not find a product useful, you can return it to the company with 100% cashback. 

Titan Fitness Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Titan Fitness affiliate program offers a commission of 5% to its affiliate for selling every product listed on its website. The program runs on the Commission Junction (CJ) network. An affiliate link stays in the cookie window of a visitor’s browser for 30 days. The CJ network provides an easy-to-handle dashboard to its members to help them manage their earned commission properly. You can join this program for free. 

3. The Fitbit Affiliate Program 

What does Fitbit do?

Fitbit is a US-based electronics company that produces wearable physical fitness-related products based on the technology. The fitness products offered by the company help consumers stay motivated and improved in terms of their health by monitoring and tracking their day-to-day activities, exercise, and food routine. The products sold by Fitbit through its online platform include smartwatches, trackers, scales, and fitness accessories. The company offers 1-year warranty, 45 days moneyback guarantee, and free shipping on order worth more than $50. 

Fitbit Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Fitbit affiliate program offers a commission of 3% on each sale made through an affiliate link. The company accepts affiliates from the US and Canada. It is completely free to join this affiliate program as it runs on the CJ affiliate marketing network. On huge ecommerce sites such as Amazon, Fitbit is #1 connecting devices selling brand. The cookie duration under this affiliate program is unknown. 


The fitness industry is one of the best industries to target as an affiliate marketer as it has a lot of options and money. People love to know about fitness and fitness products. You can easily promote fitness products through your website, blog, or social media as there are so many people out there that are ready to hear you. Join these programs now and start making money!