The Best Gadget Affiliate Programs

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The Best 3 Gadget Affiliate Programs to Make money

According to different dictionaries, every small mechanical or electronic tool that is used for a specific purpose or solves a problem is known as a gadget. It can be a smartphone, a camera, portable computers, digital watches, and millions of others. The gadgets do not fall into a typical industry or niche. The worth of gadgets at the global level is certainly in billions of dollars. You can earn a lot of money if you have a gadget blog by promoting useful, modern, and trendy gadgets to your audience. In this article, I will share some of the best gadget affiliate programs with you. Let’s discuss them: – 

1. The GoPro Affiliate Program

What does GoPro do?

GoPro is an exceptional gadget that is used to capture fish landing, navigating animals, reliving base jumping, and many more. The company offers a huge range of cameras to its customers to help them capture whatever they want in a high-quality manner. The customers can also purchase camera accessories from the official website of GoPro.

GoPro Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

If you have a gadget blog and you want to monetize it, then the GoPro affiliate program is the best choice for you. The company pays its affiliates a commission of 5% on each sale generated through their affiliate links. The cookie duration under this affiliate program is 30 days. You can join this affiliate program from all major countries around the world such as the US, the UK, Canada, and many more.

2. The Padmate Affiliate Program

What does Padmate do?

Padmate is a renowned company in the field of earbuds, earphones, and speakers. The company has more than 100000 satisfied customers. The NBA stars are commonly seen using the Padmate earbuds and earphones. The customers can purchase a range of listening gadgets from this renowned seller.

Padmate Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Padmate affiliate program is quite fruitful for affiliates as far as its commission rate is concerned. The company pays its affiliates a commission of 10% on each sale referred by them. The cookie duration offered by the company in this affiliate program is 180 days. It means you get enough time to wait for your audience to make a decision. You can send follow ups to them to make a decision.

3. The CHUWI Affiliate Program

What does CHUWI do?

In the field of gadgets, computers and their relevant accessories have their own recognition. CHUWI is a highly reputed manufacturer of tablets, laptops, PCs and many more. The company is known for providing its customers with premium quality tech gadgets. It has been in business since 2004.

CHUWI Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The CHUWI affiliate program offers a decent commission of 6% on each referred sale. The cookie duration offered by the company to its affiliates is 30 days under this program. The company has a professional team behind this affiliate program that always stay active to answer your queries.


The importance of gadgets has been increasing in our lives over time. People are willing to spending a huge amount of money on purchasing mechanical and electronic tools to make their life easier at the domestic and business levels. You can certainly make a lot of money by recommending right gadgets to the right people. If you own a gadget blog or website, then you must join the affiliate programs discussed in this article.