The Best Gaming Affiliate Programs

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The Best 3 Gaming Affiliate Programs to Make money

The advancement in the field of computer technology and the internet has boosted the gaming industry. The annual worth of the current gaming industry is over $100 billion. At the moment, the games offering contests between the players through the internet are highly popular at the global level. The crypto-technology has also created a hype among the gamers as they can play-to-earn by playing games such as Axie Infinity, Crypto Gladiator, and many more. Last but not least, the trend of esports (electronic sports) is also in a booming condition. People love watching esports where video game professional compete with each other. As an affiliate marketer, targeting gaming affiliate programs is one of the best options. Let us discuss some of the best gaming affiliate programs that can help you earn huge commissions.  

1. The World of Tanks Affiliate Program

What does World of Tanks do?

World of Tanks is a war game designed by Anton Sitnikov. It is a product of a Belarusian company named Wargaming. The game allows its players to compete with each other online to win battles of tanks. World of Tanks feature 20th century war machinery. Initially, the game is absolutely free to play, however, to combat superiorly, the players can buy premium offers. The players can play it on the Android, Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 platform. 

World of Tanks Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The World of Tank affiliate program offers a generous commission of 4 pounds on each sale generated through a referral link. The cookie duration under this program is 30 days. The affiliates are get paid on a monthly basis on the 15th of every month. Moreover, the program only accepts desktop leads. 

2. The GameFly Affiliate Program

What does GameFly do?

In the world of video games, GameFly works as a huge friend of the gamers. It allows video games to out videos in the hands of the gamers. Through the GameFly website and app, the gamers can buy, rent, and play the games they love the most. Along with games, the company also sells gaming accessories such as consoles, controllers, etc. to the gamers. The mission of the company is to allow gamers to play console games at the most affordable rates. 

GameFly Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The GameFly affiliate program offers a gentle commission of around $15-20 per lead. The cookie duration offered by GameFly in its affiliate program is 30 days. The commission rate depends on the subscription made by a new customer through your link. The company also pays commission on promoting used or new games, collectibles, and gaming accessories. 

3. The Nvidia Affiliate Program 

What does Nvidia do?

Nvidia is one of the most trusted and renowned manufacturers of the graphic processing units (GPUs) for the gaming and professional markets. Along with GPUs, the company also builds chip units for mobile computing and automotive market. You can purchase graphic cards, gaming laptops, games, and Nvidia Shield TV from the official website of the company to get the best gaming and entertainment experience. 

Nvidia Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

Through becoming a member of the Nvidia affiliate program, you can earn a commission of 2% on making a sale of a product offered by the company by using your gaming blog, website, or social media page. The cookie duration under this affiliate program is 45 days. The company has a huge reputation that makes it easy for you to attract customers towards its products. 


The gaming industry is at its peak in terms of generating revenue. You will always see an innovation in this field over time. The future of the gaming industry is highly bright and it is expected to surpass the market cap of $200 billion in the next few years. You can make thousands of dollars by promoting games and its related products and services. Start earning now by joining these programs!