The Best Golf Affiliate Programs

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The Best 3 Golf Affiliate Programs to Make money

Golf is known as the most expensive sports in the world. The value of the global golf equipment and apparel market is around $12.5 billion. In golf, a huge amount of money is involved and there is not doubt about it. There are a lot of options for you to promote if you are a golf affiliate including green fees, travel, gambling, golf learning lessons, and television subscription offers. In terms of popularity, golf is currently placed at 8th position in the category of sports. Let us discuss some of the best affiliate programs out there in the category of golf that can help you earn a lot of passive income. 

1. The Austad’s Golf Affiliate Program 

What does Austad’s Golf do?

Austad’s Golf is an online platform from where you can buy everything related to the golf including custom golf clubs, drivers, Fariway woods, hybrids, iron widgets, apparel, shoes, balls, bags, accessories, and various other services. The company has various physical stores in different US states. However, people love to shop online to stay well-equipped in the golf fields. Austad’s Golf is highly committed to provide guaranteed services, and the most affordable prices. Last but not least, the company is highly experienced as it is working in the field of golf since 1963. 

Austad’s Golf Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Austad’s Golf affiliate program offers a commission of 7.5% on each sale brought by an affiliate marketer. The commission rate reaches 9% for affiliate sales that are above $5000. The average order amount on Austad’s Golf is around $150. It means you can make substantial profit from a single sale. The cookie duration under this affiliate program is 60 days. 

2. The Putterball Affiliate Program 

What does Putterball do?

Putterball is a mini-golf game that can bring a party to life. If you are looking for an exciting family, friends, and other social gatherings, then Putterball can bring a lot of fun, laughter, and excitement. Putterball is a perfect family fun game suitable for all ages. The game became highly famous after getting featured on Forbes, New York Post, Golf, and other renowned publishing platforms. If you buy the game online, you will get a portable turf board, two putters, two golf balls, and 12 turf hole covers. 

Putterball Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

Becoming a marketing partner of Putterball, the brand behind a famous golf fun game, is highly beneficial in terms of earning passive income. The Putterball affiliate program offers a commission of 6.40% on each sale made an affiliate. The cookie duration under this affiliate program is 10 days. The program runs on the FlexOffers affiliate marketing network that is quite easy to join and handle. 

3. The Callaway Affiliate Program 

What does Callaway do?

Callaway Golf Company is a US-based golf equipment designer and manufacturer that operates at a global level. The golf products available on the online website of the company include golf clubs, balls, bags, gloves, caps, and apparel. Along with golf products, the company is also known for selling active lifestyle accessories and equipment such as footwear, apparel, backpacks, sports bags, and many more. If you are a man or woman golf enthusiast or player, then it is a perfect one-stop-shop for you to get whatever you required to play this exciting sport. 

Callaway Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Callaway affiliate program runs on the FlexOffers affiliate marketing network. The company offers a commission of 7.2% on each sale made through a referral link under its amazing affiliate program. The cookie duration offered by Callaway to its affiliates is 30 days. The joining process is quite easy and you can track your commission anytime on an easy-to-handle dashboard.  


Golf is a famous, exciting, and expensive game. People who love golf spend a lot of money to maintain playing needs and active lifestyle. The market capitalization of the golf industry has been rising substantially over time. The popularity of the game is also increasing steadily that is prompting more sales. You can earn a lot of money through promoting golf-related products and services by joining the above-mentioned programs.