The Best High-Paying Affiliate Programs

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The Best 3 High-paying Affiliate Programs to Make money

The primary goal of every affiliate marketer is to make commission. So, you should join those affiliate programs that are really high-paying. It is a wise decision as compared to making same efforts for earning low commission. However, there are thousands of affiliate programs out there. How to know whether a program is high-paying? The best way to do so is to do a lot of research to know the commission rates, cookie duration, payment methods, affiliate marketing network, and other details related to a particular affiliate program. The good news is that you do not have to do that research as I have gathered some of the best high-paying affiliate programs for you in this article to save your precious time. Let’s discuss some of these programs.

1. The Hostinger Affiliate Program

What does Hostinger do?

Hostinger is a famous name in the field of web hosting. The company provides remote hosting services to a wide range of customers from all across the world. It offers hosting services in various domains such as shared web, cloud, WordPress, cPanel, VPS, Minecraft Server, CyperPanel, and web hosting for agencies. Along with web hosting, Hostinger also provides email hosting services to its clients. 

Hostinger Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Hostinger affiliate program offers a huge commission of $150 to its affiliates for bringing a sale on a tiered pricing structure. The minimum payout offered by the company is $60. You should expect a strong conversion while working as a Hostinger affiliate as the company offers huge discounts on a regular basis. The cookie duration under this affiliate program is 1 month. 

2. The Wix Affiliate Program 

What does Wix do?

Wix is a renowned company that offers website building services to its customers. The company offers both free and premium service in this regard. The customers can create their own website in free on this platform. However, the free plan comes with some drawbacks such as Wix ads, domain connection unavailability, etc. The premium offers remove these hurdles and help you run your business smoothly. Upon subscription, the customers can get up to 1 year’s free domain. 

Wix Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Wix affiliate program offers a commission of $100 on bringing each premium customer to the platform. Remember, Wix already has over 1 million active clients. The formula for earning commission is to bring more and more clients over time. The cookie duration under this affiliate program is 1 month. Some of the Wix affiliates are making six figure income at the moment. 

3. The Loom Affiliate Program 

What does Loom do?

Loom is a popular video service provider growing at a rapid pace in the world of internet. The philosophy of the company is show it, say it, and send it. Some of the important use cases of Loom include team alignment, sales, engineering, design, marketing, and project management. The recorded videos by using Loom can be shared and watched instantly at home, work, or both. It is one of the best ways to communicate with employees and friends online. 

Loom Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Loom affiliate program offers a recurring commission of 15% on bringing each new customer. The company is known for its strong affiliate marketing team. The program runs on the PartnerStack affiliate marketing network. The cookie duration offered by the company in its affiliate program is 90 days. In terms of conversion rate, it is one of the best paying affiliate programs. 


Joining affiliate programs that pay huge commission and offer excellent cookie duration is one of the best things you can do. You are highly recommended to join them to get a good start in the world of affiliate marketing. You may get a slow start but you will get better and better over time. Join these programs now and start making money!