The Best Home Improvement Affiliate Programs

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The Best 3 Home Improvement Affiliate Programs to Make money

Home is one of the most important things in our life. Everyone of us wants to make his/her as attractive as possible. It requires continuous maintenance and improvement to keep your home working and modern. According to the recent statistics, the US residents alone spent around $500 billion on home improvement in 2021. The online home improvement stores made around $320 billion in the same year. There is another bigger purpose of home improvement that it improves the overall value of the home. When a homeowner decides to sell his home, the home improvements done by him/her will pay a handy return. Let us discuss some of the best home improvement affiliate programs that need affiliate marketers for product promotions.  

1. The Build with Ferguson Affiliate Program

What does Build with Ferguson do?

Build with Ferguson is a huge name in the field of online home improvement appliances seller. The company offers tons of products in the home improvement niche including bathroom, kitchen, lighting, hardware, appliances, flooring, cabinet hardware, outdoor, HVAC, and clearance products. It believes in helping your make your home a reflection of your stylistic personality. You can purchase products and appliances from here for a single room to the entire home improvement. 

Build with Ferguson Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Build with Ferguson affiliate program is operated on the Impact affiliate marketing network. The company offers a handy commission ranging between 1-5% on around a million products sold by the company. The base commission rate is 1% of each product’s price. The cookie duration under this affiliate program is 24 hours. The average order price on this website is around $400. 

2. The Houzz Affiliate Program

What does Houzz do?

Houzz is an excellent online platform that offers tools and services to connect homeowners and home improvement professionals with the best vendors and resources available in this domain. The company is currently helping thousands of homeowners to get inspirational home renovation design ideas and find professionals that can help them a lot in turning their ideas into reality. In short, it is a community of millions of homeowners and professionals that are looking for making homes look outstanding and wonderful. 

Houzz Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Houzz affiliate program offers a commission of 5% on bringing each new client. You will get 5% of the order placed by your referral. The cookie duration offered by the company to its affiliates in this program is 1 month. The program runs on ShareASale affiliate marketing network. It means you need to attract the customers that are based in the US as the company only operates it this locality. 

3. The Modern Bathroom Affiliate Program 

What does Modern Bathroom do?

Modern Bathroom fulfils the needs of people who are looking for modern bathrooms in their homes. A bathroom plays a crucial role in the home improvement niche. The company knows the importance of having a stylish, world-class, and modern bathroom in its clients’ homes. That is why it offers vanities, countertops, faucets, sinks, toilets, bathtubs, showers, mirrors, and storage and eco-friendly products. You will find the products offered by various brands such as Modern Bathroom, Luxaar, Hydro Systems, Madeli, and many more on this online platform. 

Modern Bathroom Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Modern Bathroom affiliate program runs on the CJ affiliate marketing platform. The company offers a tiered commission rate ranging between 4% and 8%. You will earn highest commission on bringing clients for the premium products offered by the company. You will also get a bonus of $25 on bringing your first sale. The average order size on Modern Bathroom is around $1500. Moreover, you will earn monthly bonuses as well based on your performance. 


People want to make their homes look unique, stylish, modern, and extraordinary. You can help them get what they want in their homes through your home improvement blog. It is not free, as you will earn handy commission if they accept your promotion and make a purchase. This niche has a huge amount of money. You can take your share by providing promotion services to the companies that sell numerous home improvement products. Start now!