The Best Hotel Affiliate Programs

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The Best 3 Hotel Affiliate Programs to Make money

You know traveling is at its peak across the world based on the advancement in the globalization. Where there is traveling, there is need for hotel reservations and accommodation. As of 2017, the hotel booking industry had a worth of around $590 billion. The coronavirus pandemic has made thing tough in this industry. However, the industry is getting back on track with the normalization process. The trend of online travel bookings and hotel reservation is booming. According to the recent stats, around 180 million travel bookings are made per year through the internet. You can work for the travel booking companies as an affiliate marketer to earn money. In this article, you will find some of the best affiliate programs available in the hotel niche. 

1. The Affiliate Program


What does do? started its operation back in 1991 as the Hotel Reservation Network. In 2001, the company became a partner of Expedia and started operating as It gave a sense of online booking of hotel rooms to a wide range of clients. The company is currently working at a global level in around 75 different languages. It has at least 85 localized websites to meet the needs of worldwide travellers. Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The affiliate program is an amazing earning opportunity for worldwide affiliate marketer. Its services are available in almost every country around the globe. You can use different languages in your marketing campaigns while working for this company. The commission rate offered by to its affiliates is 4% on each hotel room booking and 1% on each gift card sale. The cookie duration under this affiliate program is 7 days. 

2. The Priceline Affiliate Program

What does Priceline do?

Priceline is an amazing online platform for travellers to get amazing deals in terms of booking hotels, flights, cars, and cruises. They just have to choose a location, add dates, and search the available offers. The company offers special deals and discount to its regular visitors. Moreover, they can cancel a booking without costing a single penny. Some of the best features of Priceline are flexible bookings, incredible deals, and 24/7 support for its customers. The Priceline app offers Tonight Only deals, too. 

Priceline Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

Priceline offers different commission rates on different offers promoted by its affiliate. The average commission rate for these offers ranges between 3% and 5%. The bookings made by using coupon codes do not pay any commission to the affiliates under this program. Priceline offers a much cookie duration (30 days) as compared to The EPC for this hotel booking company is around $79. 

3. The Sirenis Hotels & Resorts Affiliate Program

What does Sirenis Hotels & Resorts do?

Sirenis Hotels & Resorts is a travel company that offers hotel booking and complete trip packages to the visitors. Along with vocational trips, they can also book wedding destinations with Sirenis from its official website. The company has its own hotels in Spain, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cuba, and Columbia. It is known for providing the most exciting and enjoyable services to the visitors on their holiday trips. The Sirenis hotels and resorts are well-equipped with everything that a traveller needs while on a holiday trip. 

Sirenis Hotels & Resorts Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Sirenis Hotels & Resorts affiliate program offers a handsome commission of 6% on each sale generated through an affiliate link. The average order size on this online travel platform is around $1000. It means you can make $60 from referring a customer to this site. The cookie duration offered by the company is its affiliate program is 30 days. Moreover, the website is available in different languages to attract more and more travellers. So, you can run marketing campaigns in different languages while working for this company. 


People need hotels to stay when they are on a trip to a foreign city or country. It is an evergreen industry based on the increase in the locomotion of people around the world in terms of business, adventure, entertainment, and many more. The future of hotels niche is extremely bright as people will surely travel around as long as they are on this planet. Join these programs now and start making money.