The Best Insurance Affiliate Programs

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The Best 3 Insurance Affiliate Programs to Make money

Everyone of us can go through mishaps, losses, and accidents as life is so much unpredictable and uncertain. It is important keep everything that matters in your life insured. You can even cover your own life under the life insurance plans. The worth of the insurance industry has a worth of around $1.2 trillion per year and the number is growing over time. The insurance companies have understood the importance of online selling of insurance plans to stay competitive by generating more revenue. The online insurance plan selling is at its peak at the moment, and the peak is getting more and more higher. You can make money by promoting the insurance plans offered by the companies in this niche. In this article, some of the best insurance affiliate programs will be discussed in detail.  

1. The Liberty Mutual Affiliate Program

What does Liberty Mutual do?

Liberty Mutual has been running its casualty and automotive insurance business for a long time in around 29 countries and economies. According to the Fortune Ranking for 2020, Liberty Mutual is standing at the 71st place at the global level. It is the sixth largest property and casualty insurance provider at the global level. The company is currently having at least 45000 employees and millions of clients from all across the world. It is highly committed to make the lives of people more secure. 

Liberty Mutual Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Liberty Mutual affiliate program offers a commission of up to $10 per lead brought by its affiliates. The cookie duration under this affiliate program is 4 months. It means you get lots of time to convince your audience to purchase insurance plans from here. The EPC for this affiliate program is around $36. 

2. The Gabi Personal Insurance Affiliate Program

What does Gabi Personal Insurance do?

Gabi Personal Insurance is an online platform that allows people to compare home and auto insurance rates offered by different companies. The purpose of Gabi is to help people get a better insurance plan in the least amount. It has exceptional third-party verified reviews on the internet about the efficacy of its services. In short, you allow Gabi to purchase insurance plans on your behalf to help you pay as less as possible. It allows you to save time and money, and get peace of mind in terms of purchasing insurance plans. The workability of Gabi is quite easy and quick. 

Gabi Personal Insurance Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

As far as the current stats are concerned, an average insurance buyer can save up to $800 by using the Gabi services. The company runs an effective affiliate program to attract more and more visitors. At the moment, Gabi pays a commission of $5 to its affiliates on bringing each lead. The cookie duration under this affiliate program is 90 days, and the EPC is around $200. 

3. The Lemonade Affiliate Program

What does Lemonade do?

Lemonade is an exceptional insurance company that offers instant quotes and incredible prices to people in its insurance policies. People are absolutely loving this company and has given it almost 5-star rating on different credible rating websites. It offers insurance plans in different categories including renters, homeowners, car, pet, and term life. The company uses Maya, a software, to craft instant insurance plans for you based on your requirements. It is known for providing transparent and simple insurance services. 

Lemonade Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Lemonade affiliate program offers a commission of $25.5 on each customer sent by you to its official website. The commission is paid to you when your referral purchases an insurance plan. The company offers a standard cookie duration of 30 days in its affiliate program. You can earn as much commission as possible as there is no maximum referral limit under this program. 


Becoming an affiliate marketer of an insurance company is bigger than just earning commission as you are actually helping someone get financial security in his/her life. In the current world, you get everything you want covered in an insurance plan. The future of this industry is highly bright as more and more people have started realizing the importance of insurance in their lives. Join these programs now and started making money!