The Best Keto Affiliate Programs

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In this article I’ll be diving into my top recommendations for keto affiliates. Whether you have a keto blog or you are a keto influencer or just a beginner to the world of affiliate marketing, this post will prove helpful to you as I have something special to tell you about ;).

First, have a look at my one of a kind list of travel affiliate programs and my comments about each. It’s enough info for you to make use of this page to choose a few programs to start promoting.

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The Best 3 Keto Affiliate Programs to Make money

Keto (Ketogenic) diet has become extremely at the global level. People want to lose their body fat to look fit and healthy. Keto diet can certainly help them to achieve their body fat goals. If you have a blog that talks about keto diet or weight loss, then you can become a keto affiliate. There are tons of affiliate programs out there that are waiting for you. Are all of them profitable? Certainly no. You have to do some research to find out the best keto programs to target. Do not worry. I have made things easier for you in this regard. I have done all this research and come up with this article that tells you the best keto affiliate programs that can make you rich. Let’s discuss them: -

1. The Keto Resource Affiliate Program

What does Keto Resource do?

Keto Resource is an online platform that is backed by experts in the ketogenic field. The company guides people on how to utilize keto diet at its best without exhibiting side effects. They provide both free and paid guidance in this regard. People can purchase guides, books, and training materials from this website quite easily. 

Keto Resource Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

There are two important products that you can promote as a Keto Resource affiliate including 28 Day keto Challenge and Simply Tasty Ketogenic + Insta Keto. The Keto Resources affiliate program is powered by ClickBank, an affiliate marketing network. The company pays its affiliates a commission of 75-90% on selling each guide. The cookie duration under this affiliate program is 60 days.

2. The Ketogeek Affiliate Program

What does Ketogeek do?

Ketogeek is a famous online platform that sells Keto products and content to its customers. The targeted customers of the company are people who are interested in losing their body weight through keto diet. There are various products such as energy pods, ghee, and many more that are helpful in losing weight. 

Ketogeek Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Ketogeek affiliate program allows its affiliates to earn commission through promoting various digital and physical products sold by the brand. The company pays its affiliates a commission of 10% on each sale generated through your affiliate link. If your referral returns back to the brand after the first purchase, you will still earn commission based on its order. The cookie duration under this affiliate program is 120 days. 

3. The Keto Box Affiliate Program

What does The Keto Box do?

The Keto Box is a renowned company that sells low carb products to its customers in a box. Each box contains at least 10 items that are keto-friendly. The products in a keto box could be cookies, brownies, nuts, sweets, and dried meat. The company also sells a 28-day keto meal plan. During the second month of being a The Keto Box customer, you can attend a 20-minute free coaching call from an expert provided by the company. 

The Keto Box Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Keto Box affiliate program offers a commission of 15% on selling each product or service offered by the company. You can make around $12 from sending each new customer to the platform. However, the cookie duration under this affiliate program is only 1 day that is a huge pain in the ass. 


There are billions of people in the US and across the world that want to get rid of their extra weight. A keto diet can help them to achieve their weight goals. As a keto affiliate, your job is to bring right products and services to your audience who are interested in keto diet and weight loss. By joining the programs discussed in this article, you can certainly make a lot of money by promoting the products and services offered by the brands behind these programs. Join them now!