The Best Loan Affiliate Programs

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The Best 3 Loan Affiliate Programs to Make money

Money is the blood of every society in the world. Our businesses, lives, and almost every aspect of life is dependent on money. However, everyone of us does not have access to enough money to run a business or make an investment. Here comes the value of loan. We can easily lend money from a bank or a company on interest to fulfil our business and investment requirements. People apply for a loan for various important reasons such as starting a business cash flow, covering education expenses, maintenance of recurring expenditures, and buying expensive goods. There are a lot of companies out there that offer loan to a wide range of clients. You can promote their services to your audience and get commission on each offer accepted by your referrals. It is a huge market in terms of money and the demand for loans is growing rapidly over time. Let’s discuss some of the best affiliate programs available in the loan niche. 

1. The LeadsGate Affiliate Program

What does LeadsGate do?

LeadsGate is one of the best online marketplaces offering best performing marketing services. The company offers digital marketing tools and lead generation solutions to its customers. It is known for having least competition in the market and offering innovative solutions. You can promote payday loans, personal loans, and installment loans while working for this company as an affiliate marketer. 

LeadsGate Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

LeadsGate uses an auction system to sell its leads at a higher price as compared to other offers in this category. It helps you gain more commission for the same product that you sell for other similar companies. The commission rate offered by the company to its affiliate is around $230 per lead. The cookie duration in this program is unknown. 

2. The Lead Network Affiliate Program

What does Lead Network do?

Lead Network is an experienced campaigner in the field of running payday and personal loan affiliate programs. It is one of the leading names in the field of finance. The company has been working in the loan industry for a long time. It means you are going to work for a company that is highly experiences, and having proven success. It uses an advanced lead optimization software to stay ahead of the competition in this field. 

Lead Network Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Lead Network affiliate program offers varying commission for varying offered listed on it for promotion. Your job is to target the right loan offers based on the nature of your blog and audience. The company pays its affiliates on a weekly basis through different payment methods including PayPal, Payoneer, wire transfer, and others. You will only get paid when you will reach a minimum payout threshold of $100. 

3. The Edvisor Affiliate Program

What does Edvisor do?

Student loans are quite popular at the global level as many students need funds to cover their educational expenses. There are thousands of companies in the world that offer student loans. Edvisor helps students and parents get the best loans with minimum additional costs. They only need to put their school or institution name in the search bar, and Edvisor will do the rest for them. The company will show the best available offers to them based on their search. It also provides monthly loan calculation services to the clients. 

Edvisor Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

As an Edvisor affiliate, you will get paid varying commission based on the loan offer promoted by you. The cookie duration under this affiliate program is 30 days that is very standard in the loan niche. The main reason to join this affiliate program is high conversion rate. There are millions of students out there that are in search of loans to cover their educational expenses. You can find some of them through your blog by using affiliate marketing tools and techniques. If they accept your promotional offer, then you will be paid a handy commission for each lead. 


There are millions of people in the world who need loans for different purposes as discussed above. As a loan affiliate, your job is to help people get loans with no additional costs. In return, you will get a substantial commission on each lead brought by you. If you have a loan blog or you are a loan influencer, then you must join these programs to start making passive income.