The Best Metaphysical Affiliate Programs

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The Best Metaphysical Affiliate Programs to Make money

There are different types of people around the world. Some of them are religious, some are secular, while others believe in spirituality. The number of spirituality believers is rising rapidly over time. More than 25% US residents consider themselves spiritual rather than religious. The market of spiritual things worth billions of dollars at the global level. The trend of spiritual products in the markets is moving upward. The projection for this niche in the upcoming future are highly positive. As a metaphysical affiliate, you need to target the right programs and products to promote to attain continuous profits. Let’s discuss some of the best metaphysical affiliate programs that you can target. 

1. The Sivana Affiliate Program

What does Sivana do?

Sivana sells cozy and sustainable products based on the metaphysical principles. It is a unique and eclectic brand that sells its products with a broader purpose. You can purchase clothing, jewellery, and home & gift products from this spiritual site at the most affordable rates. The company donates a percentage of every sale to the charities working in India against the Vitamin A Deficiency Disorder. The company believes in encouraging a mindful and conscious lifestyle through its unique and cozy products.  

Sivana Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

Working for Sivana as an affiliate marketer is more than just earning commission. You are actually helping people in need in India through your promotional services. However, the company pays its affiliate a commission of 10% on each sale generated by them on its behalf. The cookie duration under this affiliate program is 45 days. The EPC for this program is around $50. 

2. The Trinity Road Affiliate Program

What does Trinity Road do?

Trinity Road is a collective market selling products of various spiritual brands in the Christian world including The Catholic Company, PrayStrong, and Rosary. The company sells a range of products including candles, bibles, crucifixes, and many more. You must be wondering whether a Christian site can be considered metaphysical or not. The answer is ‘yes’, you can consider it transubstantiation. The products sold by the company are highly spiritual that makes it a metaphysical site. 

Trinity Road Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Trinity Road affiliate program offers a commission of 8% to the affiliate marketer for promoting products sold by the company. The average value of an order on Trinity Road is around $68. So, you can make a commission of at least $5 per lead. If you have the ability to generate sales in a huge volume, then it is an excellent program for you. The cookie duration in this program is 45 days. 

3. The 15 Minute Manifestation Affiliate Program

What does 15 Minute Manifestation do?

15 Minute Manifestation is a program that takes only 15 minutes of each day to provide you a handy return in your life. The company behind it has created exceptional audio tracks by using a special hemispheric-synchronization technology. The audio files contain natural sounds such as sound of rain, streambeds, and wind to provide you peace. You should listen to these tracks to get utmost relaxation. 

15 Minute Manifestation Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The 15 Minute Manifestation affiliate program is a high-paying opportunity in the field of metaphysical affiliate programs. In the current hectic world, people need modern technology products to get relaxation and peace. This audio product is one of the modern technologies that can provide you such benefits. As a 15 Minute Manifestation affiliate, you can earn a commission of $45 on each sale generated through your affiliate link. The cookie duration under this affiliate program is 60 days. 


The interest of people in spirituality is rising over time. They are highly interested in spending money on products that offer spiritual wellbeing. The metaphysical industry is booming at the moment and it is expected to reach new heights in the upcoming years. You can target these affiliate programs as a metaphysical blogger and influencer to start generating passive income now.