The Best Mobile App Affiliate Programs

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The Best 3 Mobile App Affiliate Programs to Make money

The projections for the mobile app market are highly convincing as a huge growth is expected in the upcoming years. According to the experts, the worth of the mobile app market will surpass $410 billion in the next 5 years. It is an absolutely fruitful niche for affiliate marketers to target and earn huge money. In this article, you will know some of the best mobile app affiliate programs that can help you earn regular passive income through monetizing your blogs or websites. As an affiliate marketer, it is important to join the right affiliate programs that pay you handy commission and offer a useful cookie duration. Moreover, the company you are joining as an affiliate marketer should expect growth in the upcoming years. Let’s discuss some of the best mobile app affiliate programs available out there: -

1. The Swiftic Affiliate Program

What does Swiftic do?

Swiftic allows people to create their own apps quickly, efficiently, and easily. It is an excellent platform for small businesses to get their own apps to engage their customers. It is actually an Israeli-based software company that offers do-it-yourself solution to the customers to create a custom app or loyalty program. After creating an app through Swiftic, you can easily publish it to the renowned app stores to make your business accessible to your customers on their smartphones. 

Swiftic Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Swiftic affiliate program runs on the Commisison Junction network. The company offers a huge commission of $150 on bringing each new paying customer. It is quite easy to join this affiliate program. You need to apply to become an affiliate and wait for the confirmation. After getting approval, you can start promoting Swiftic on your blog, social media, or website. The company provides marketing materials to its affiliates in multi-languages to make promotion easier for them.  

2. The AppPresser Affiliate Program

What does AppPresser do?

AppPresser allows its customers to build mobile apps for WordPress. You can use this software even if you have no app development skills. It offers one of the best ways to create Android and iOS apps that are integrated with WordPress. AppPresser is available to the customers on Google Play Store and Apple Store. The users get customization and integration solutions at the most affordable prices. They get extraordinary tools to start building their first app without having any previous experience of app development. 

AppPresser Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The AppPresser affiliate program is available on ShareASale. If you are already a member of ShareASale, then you can apply to this program straightaway. Otherwise, you need to first join this network. Through this affiliate program, AppPresser wants to reach more and more people. The affiliates can earn up to $100 (20%) for bringing each new paying customer to AppPresser. The company has an excellent affiliate support team to resolve their issues quickly and efficiently.

3. The Instamobile Affiliate Program

What does Instamobile do?

Instamobile aims to allow mobile developers and entrepreneurs to build their own mobile apps without spending a lot of money. The company provides its customers with mobile app templates, source codes, open-source projects, and starter kits to help them launch their own native app in minutes. The company has already served around 10000 customers as of now, and the number the growing pretty quickly due to its strong affiliate marketing program. 

Instamobile Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Instamobile affiliate program runs on an in-house software of the company. The company offers a commission of 30% on each sale generated through an affiliate link. The cookie duration under this affiliate program is 30 days. If you have an audience that is interested in app development, and mobile app designing, then you must join this affiliate program. Remember, you can make thousands of dollars if you recommend Instamobile to only a few potential customers.


In order to make your business accessible to your customers 24/7, you must have a mobile application. There are millions of apps available on different app stores. Thousands of app are being added to those stores on a daily basis. Where there is volume and money, there is a strong need for the affiliate marketers. You can surely make a lot of money while working as an affiliate marketer in the field of mobile apps. You only need to attract people interested in mobile app development through your blog or website content. Join the programs discussed in this article now and start a convincing affiliate marketing journey.