The Best Music Affiliate Programs

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The Best 3 Music Affiliate Programs to Make money

Is there anyone who does not love music? I am sure most of us do love and we always try to find some nice places where we can listen the music that we love the most. This niche has a lot of money-making potential as far as the affiliate marketing is concerned. There are a lot of revenue streams running in the music industry such as music instruments, music accessories, music studios, audio and video music files, music courses, etc. There is a huge amount of money involved in these music streams. According to the recent projections, the worth of music instruments market alone will be around $35 billion in 2023. In this article, you will know some of the best music affiliate programs that can help you earn huge profits this year. Let’s discuss them: - 

1. The Guitar Center Affiliate Program

What does Guitar Center do?

Guitar Center is one of the largest US sellers of music instruments. The company has a huge chain of physical stores in the US. The online presence of Guitar Center is also phenomenal. As of now, Guitar Center is selling at least 40000 music instruments. You will find almost every instrument related to the music here. The company adds new products into its directory on a weekly basis. There are some designated products offered by the company that are only available for online purchase. 

Guitar Center Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Guitar Center affiliate program runs on the Commission Junction network. It means it is suitable for you if you are based in the US. However, you can join it from other countries too if you have a strong US traffic on your blog or website. The company offers a commission of 6% on each sale generated through an affiliate link. The cookie duration offered by the company to its affiliates is 14 days. You can make a lot of money while working for this company as an affiliate marketer. 

2. The Musician’s Friend Affiliate Program

What does Musician’s Friend do?

Musician’s Friend is one the largest online sellers of the music products. Its inventory is bigger than Amazon’s music category having more than 80000 music products for sale. The buyers can get guitars, drums, keyboards, and many more from here. The company sells both new and used music instruments at the most affordable rates. It sells unique music products only in the US with free ground shipping. Moreover, the customers get a two-year warranty on the products purchased by them from here. 

Musician’s Friend Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Musician’s Friend affiliate program can also be named as Affiliate’s Friend. It is an amazing affiliate program offering a commission of 4% on each sale generated through a referral link. The cookie duration under this affiliate program is 14 days. The average order value on Musician’s Friend is quite high that makes this 4% quite competitive. You can join the program easily through FlexOffers as it is the partner of Musician’s Friend in terms of running its affiliate program. 

3. The Sweetwater Affiliate Program

What does Sweetwater do?

Sweetwater started as a remote music studio back in 1979. Now, it has extended its business operations and become the largest seller of music instruments and professional audio equipment in the US. You can purchase guitars, keyboards, drums, and studio and recording equipment from here at the most affordable rates. By using Sweetwater products, you can build your own music studio from scratch. 

Sweetwater Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Sweetwater affiliate program offers a pay-per-click commission of $0.07 to its affiliates. The program runs on the Link Connector network in a most transparent and simple manner. You will get paid for sending traffic to a specific landing page through your blog or music site. The cookie duration under this affiliate program is not shared by the company to its affiliates. If you have a huge traffic on your blog, then this program can give you a lot of money. 


Music has a huge importance in every person’s life. There are more and more people getting interested in playing and listening to the music. That is why the sale of music and its related instrument is at its peak. The future of the music industry is as bright as sun. These programs can surely help you earn a lot of money through monetizing your music sites and blogs. Join them now and start earning money even while sleeping!