The Best Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs

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The Best 3 Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs to Make money

Pay per lead is a popular model used by the companies to reach more and more customers. Under this model, the advertisers pay a specific commission to their affiliates for generating a sale for them. This category contains programs offered by the companies working in different industries. You can join them if you have a blog in any of those niches. According to the recent statistics, the pay per lead programs pay way more than the other affiliate programs. You only need to join the best affiliate programs to maximize your profits and receive guaranteed payments on a regular basis. In this article, you will get information about some of the best pay per lead affiliate programs available out there. 

1. The Kasamba Affiliate Program

What does Kasamba do?

Kasamba has been working as a renowned brand in the field of psychic chats, tarot reading, and astrology for a long time. It provides psychic reading, love & relationship, tarot reading, fortune telling, dream analysis, and astrology reading services to its potential customers. The visitors can choose the most suitable psychic reader from a list of 76 of the top psychic readers offering their services on Kasamba. These psychic readers have professionally helped over 3 million people from all across the world as of now. 

Kasamba Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

Kasamba offers one of the best pay per lead affiliate programs to everyone willing to join it. It pays a huge commission of $150 to its affiliates for bringing each lead. The cookie duration offered by the company in this affiliate program is 60 days. The program is known for an impressive conversion rate. You can join the program through Impact. 

2. The Frontpoint Affiliate Program

What does Frontpoint do?

Frontpoint is an experienced company working in the field of home security. The technological products offered by the company to the customers keep them away from burglaries, fires, and floods. Moreover, they get 24/7 professional monitoring of their house by using the Frontpoint services. The company provides 30-day trial to its customers. If they do not like its products, then they can return them back to Frontpoint. Some of the products offered by the company include door sensors, window sensors, motion sensors, glass break sensors, and smoke sensors.  

Frontpoint Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

As burglaries and fires at home are becoming more common nowadays, people are willing to spend huge money on home security. Under this affiliate program, you can earn a commission of $175 for generating each lead for the company. If you are able to generate 20-25 leads per month, then you do not have to do anything else. The cookie duration under this affiliate program is 20 days. You can join this pay per lead affiliate program through Ascend, an affiliate marketing partner of Partnerize.

3. The Watch Gang Affiliate Program

What does Watch Gang do?

Watch Gang is the number one watch club in the world. If you are looking for new watches sent directly to your doorstep, then you must join Watch Gang. By becoming a Watch Gang member, you get a chance to win an exciting watch every week. There are two easy steps to get a watch by becoming a member of Watch Gang including telling the company about yourself and selecting a plan, and receiving your watch within the next three days. You can save up to 5 times when you purchase a watch through becoming a Watch Gang member. 

Watch Gang Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

You can earn $27 on sending each new lead to Watch Gang. The company also pays extra commission by using the percentage commission rate model. You can better calculate your affiliate income through the fixed rate offered by the company. Along with a handy commission per lead, you get a cookie duration of 30 days. The Watch Gang affiliate program can be accessed through Ascend Partner, an affiliate marketing network.


The pay per lead affiliate programs pay more commission as compared to promoting a single product or service. It works as bringing a lead for a company or brand, and receiving a fixed commission for it. You must join these affiliate program to earn a huge amount of passive income. These are the best pay per lead affiliate program you will find on the internet.