The Best Private Jet Affiliate Programs

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First, have a look at my one of a kind list of travel affiliate programs and my comments about each. It’s enough info for you to make use of this page to choose a few programs to start promoting.

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The Best 3 Private Jet Affiliate Programs to Make money

Do you have a highly wealthy blog audience that is always ready to have adventure and luxury in their lives? If yes, then you must join the private jet affiliate programs mentioned in this blog to monetize your private jet blog or website. It is highly profitable niche if you have the right audience. A single referred sale can make your whole month as the private jet journeys cost thousands of dollars. Luckily, there are a huge number of companies that are willing to pay handsome money on promoting their private jet services. Here are some of the best private jet affiliate programs that you should target. 

1. The Vida Jets Affiliate Program

What does Vida Jets do?

Vida Jets is a renowned company in the field of private aviation. The company has around 6000 jet planes that travel to more than 5000 worldwide locations. The company has already served around 15000 happy private customers. The social media following of Vida Jet is also quite exceptional with over 100k followers.  

Vida Jets Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Vida Jets affiliate program has not disclosed the exact commission rate and cookie duration on its official website or any other online source. However, the affiliate program is there to join. The company has disclosed that it pays trip to trip rewards to its affiliates. The company is looking for the US and European leads.

2. The PrivateJetFinder Affiliate Program

What does PrivateJetFinder do?

PrivateJetFinder boosts a network of over 1000 qualified flight operators from over 170 countries. However, the company is suffering from a lack of imaginative branding. It serves as a private jet broker. The targeted customers of the company are CEOs, businessmen, and professionals. The customers can book a private jet from here by making a simple call to the company. 

PrivateJetFinder Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The PrivateJetFinder affiliate can earn up to $350 on referring a large private jet trip sale. The cookie duration under this program is not disclosed by the company. The company also pays commission on light and mid-size private jet trip sales referred by its affiliates. You can surely make a lot of money by putting right efforts in your marketing campaigns. Remember, wealthy audience is more beneficial than ordinary audience. 

3. The Fast Private Jet Affiliate Program

What does Fast Private Jet do?

Fast Private Jet is a renowned company in the private jet niche having a range of very light, light, mid-size, super mid-size, and heavy private jets. It also has ultra-long range and VIP jets in its fleet. You can surely make more money by referring the bookings of high-class and more luxurious jets. 

Fast Private Jet Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Fast Private Jet affiliate program presumably pays more commission on referring more prestigious and VIP customers to the company. The cookie duration and commission terms have not been disclosed by the company on its website or anywhere else. You can only know them after joining the program. However, you can certainly earn money by becoming a Fast Private Jet affiliate. 


Having a wealthy, high-class audience on your private jet or aviation-related blog is a huge asset. You can earn money by monetizing your blog to the private jet companies. It is surely a niche for marketers having CEOs, businessmen, and high-class officials as their audience. You do not have to generate a lot of sales while working in this niche as you can make a lot of money from only a few sales on a monthly or yearly basis. Join the programs mentioned in this article and live up your dreams.