The Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs

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The Best 3 Real Estate Affiliate Programs to Make money

Real estate is one of the largest industries at the global level in terms of money. According to the recent stats, the worth of the US real estate market is around $35 trillion. This worth is getting better and better over time. People need information and services to get into the real estate business. As an affiliate marketer, you can promote companies and businesses that provide people with the information and services in the field of real estate. Remember, the competition in the real estate niche is very high as it is first choice of most affiliate marketers. If you have the ability to beat the competition, then you can attain huge rewards while working in this niche. Let us discuss some of the most profitable real estate affiliate programs that can help you earn huge passive income. 

1. The Nolo Affiliate Program

What does Nolo do?

Nolo has an experience of 50 years in the field of legal authority. It has already sold millions of products to its customers. According to the official website of Nolo, it has received more than 1 million consultation requests so far. There are more than 30000 local attorneys working with it. As a customer, you can purchase books, legal forms, and software from Nolo at the most affordable rates. Moreover, you can quickly get the recommendation from the company about the most suitable attorney to handle your case. In the field of real estate, you need legal forms and legal services. That’s where Nolo comes to help you.  

Nolo Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

Nolo pays a commission of 25% on each sale made through your affiliate link or on bringing each customer. On bringing $2000+ sale, the company pays a commission of 35% to its affiliates. It is one of the highest paying affiliate programs in the real estate niche. Along with a huge commission rate, you get a cookie window of 120 days to stay away from missed sales due to the time consequences. 

2. The Real Estate Express Affiliate Program

What does Real Estate Express do?

Real Estate Express is a project of Colibri Real Estate. The company provides an opportunity to a wide range of professionals to build a successful career in the field of real estate. They can learn from the leaders who have proven their expertise in this field. Real Estate Express has been serving as a pioneer in the online education niche since 1996. It offers both pre-license and pro-license courses to its targeted audience. More than 200000 real estate professionals have already received licenses after studying online here. 

Real Estate Express Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Real Estate Express affiliate program pays a flat commission of 20% on bringing each new customer through an affiliate link. It means you can earn around $35 on bringing each sale. The cookie duration offered by the company in this affiliate program is 45 days. You simply need to fill an online form, get approval, and start making money from this affiliate program.

3. The All Things Real Estate Affiliate Program

What does All Things Real Estate do?

All Things Real Estate was started back in 2014 by a small team to help real estate marketers get creative, flawless, and outstanding marketing materials. Now, the company is serving as a pioneer in the field of contemporary real estate design. You can purchase various products and services from this platform including apparel, promo marketing, open houses & listings, journals & stationery, signage, and custom/DIY designs. In some words, you can get everything you need as a real estate marketer from here. 

All Things Real Estate Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

By joining the All Things Real Estate affiliate program, you can receive a commission of 7% on generating each sale through your affiliate link. Upon good performance, you can ask the company to increase this base commission rate. The products sold by the company have a huge demand in the market. Moreover, you will find a huge range of products to promote on your blog. So, you can make a lot of money from this affiliate program even with a low commission rate as compared to the competitors.


Real estate is one of the best niches to target as an affiliate marketer as it has a lot of money involved in it. There are various products and services that are required by the real estate professionals, property dealers, and general public in terms of buying and selling properties. You can join these affiliate programs to get a promising start in this niche. Promote the products and services of these companies, receive huge rewards in return.