The Best Restaurant Affiliate Programs

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The Best 3 Restaurant Affiliate Programs to Make money

People love eating food. What if they get recommendations about new restaurants, cuisines, and recipes from you? What if you recommend them restaurant accessories and utensils? If they like your recommendation and make a purchase, then you can earn money. It is a huge industry in terms of money involved in it. According to the statistics, the worth of the restaurant industry in the US is around $45 billion. In this article, I will discuss some of the best affiliate programs running in the restaurant niche. I usually choose the programs in a niche that offer best commission, cookie duration, and other related perks to the affiliates so that they can make a perfect joining decision. Let’s discuss the best restaurant affiliate programs in detail: -

1. The Olma Food Affiliate Program

What does Olma Food do?

Olma Food is an experienced producer of caviar, meat, fish, and other products that you love to eat. The company imports food products from various other countries and pack them in New York. After packing, it delivers these products to the doorsteps of consumers, renowned restaurants, and grocery stores. As a customer, you can purchase Black Caviar, Salmon Caviar, Truffles, Cheese, Smoked Fish, and many other related items from here. You will find new products in these categories whenever you visit this site. 

Olma Food Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Olma Food affiliate program pays a commission of 5% on each generated through an affiliate link. It means you can earn around $6 for recommending Olma Food to one of your audiences. If he/she accepts your recommendation and places an order, you receive 5% of his/her spending. The cookie duration offered by Olma Food to its affiliates is 15 days. 

2. The REVO Coolers Affiliate Program

What does REVO Coolers do?

REVO Coolers is working on a mission to provide you the best party experience through its outstanding cooling products. The insulated party coolers sold by the company are highly efficient and durable. You can purchase various products manufactured by REVO Coolers for your parties such as Party Barge Cooler, Dubler HEAT, Dubler Cooler, Light Cubes, Roozies Insulators, and many other accessories. The targeted customers of REVO Coolers are general public, restaurants, and stores. You can promote these products on REVO Coolers’ behalf if you have these customers in your list. 

REVO Coolers Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

REVO Coolers is an experienced company having a huge reputation in the US. By joining the REVO Coolers affiliate program, you can make around $15 on each sale generated through your affiliate link as the company pays a commission of 10% on each sale to its affiliates. Moreover, you get a cookie duration of 30 days by the company that is quite standard in the restaurant niche. You can access this affiliate program through the Refersion network.

3. The Napkins Affiliate Program

What does Napkins do?

Napkins is an online platform that sells napkins, tablecloths, tableware, and many other products in bulk. If you are running a restaurant or you are an event planner, then Napkins can help you a lot in doing your business perfectly. The company is known for offering high-quality products in bulk to the customers at the most competitive rates. The customers can also purchase drinkware, decoration, serveware, and bakery products from here. All orders above $100 in worth have no shipping cost. 

Napkins Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

Napkins is currently selling more than 7000 products through its online platform. The company is offering a huge commission of 13% on each sale generated through an affiliate link. As the company mostly receives orders for products in bulk, you can expect a substantial order value while working for this company. The cookie duration that you get under this affiliate program is 30 days. You can access this affiliate program through the ShareASale network. 


There are some ethics related to dining. People love to eat ethically. You can recommend food product, restaurant accessories, and other relevant items to your audience on your blog. Through monetizing your blog with the best programs discussed in this article, you can make a lot of passive income. On each order generated through your referral link, you receive a handsome commission. Join these programs now and start making money!