The Best SaaS Affiliate Programs

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The Best 3 SaaS Affiliate Programs to Make money

SaaS means Software as a Service. In the current digital world, we all need software services to run our business or do anything else online. That is why SaaS has become a highly paying niche for the affiliate marketers. The SaaS companies usually offer monthly or yearly subscriptions to use a part of a software stored in the cloud. According to the SaaS gurus, the worth of the US SaaS niche will be around $700 billion in the next 5 years. The current worth of this industry is also in billions. The future of this industry is highly bright as far as the automated world in concerned. As an affiliate marketer, you have to target those niche that are currently having upward growth, and SaaS is one of those niches. Let’s discuss some of the best SaaS affiliate programs that can help you earn huge passive income. 

1. The FreshBooks Affiliate Program

What does FreshBooks do?

Almost every business finds accounting and invoicing quite boring. What if it becomes automated? FreshBooks offers a SaaS accounting solution to its customers that automatically performs invoicing, expenses, time tracking, and even payment collection. According to the analytics, a company can save up to 200 hours per year while using this SaaS solution. FreshBooks also offers a mobile app to enhance your accessibility to this solution. It is suitable for various vendors ranging from freelancing to agencies.  

FreshBooks Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

You must be wondering how does the FreshBooks affiliate program work? I will answer this question in this section. As a FreshBooks affiliate, your job is to promote the services offered by the company to your audience on the internet. You get an affiliate link from the company. If someone from your audience list clicks on this link and joins FreshBooks as a trial customer, then you earn $5. After getting satisfaction from the trial period, if the same person purchases a subscription plan, then you earn $55 for it. The cookie duration under this affiliate program is 120 days. 

2. The ConvertKit Affiliate Program

What does ConvertKit do?

ConvertKit is an email marketing solution especially designed to help content creators reach more and more people. The targeted customers of this SaaS solution are bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters, musicians, etc. You will find all email marketing solutions while using this platform. You can create landing pages, send bulk emails, and track & report your performance quite easily by using ConvertKit. People need these solutions, so start promoting them now. 

ConvertKit Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The most impressive feature of the ConvertKit affiliate program is recurring commission. It means you can earn your share from every purchase made by your referral on this platform. You can earn 30% of each purchase your referral makes as long as his account remains active. If you have 20 referrals in your list, then you can earn around $2000 per month from this affiliate program. The cookie duration offered by ConvertKit to its affiliates is 60 days.

3. The Aweber Affiliate Program

What does Aweber do?

Aweber is one of the oldest companies in the field of email marketing. The company has been providing email marketing solutions since 1998 when the term SaaS was not so popular. Since then, Aweber has added numerous new features based on the advancement in the technology. As of now, you can automate emailing, design emails, and integrate emailing with the third-party services by using Aweber. The company also provides detailed reports on how your email marketing strategy performs. 

Aweber Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Aweber affiliate program offers a recurring commission of 30% on each customer brought by you to the platform. It means you will get 30% share of your referral’s spending as far as he stays on the platform. The cookie duration that you get in this program is 365 days. As Aweber offers recurring commission in this program, you can make a lot of money even if you have a few numbers of referrals.


The SaaS industry has come a long way ahead from various other huge industries at the global level. The journey of this industry started from the scratch and now it has a worth of billions of dollars. Moreover, the future of this industry is also highly bright. You can surely make a lot of money if enters this industry as an affiliate marketer now. The competition is getting tougher and tougher over time as huge money is involved in this niche. The early entrants will surely take more benefits. Start joining these programs now!