The Best Solar Affiliate Programs

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The Best 3 Solar Affiliate Programs to Make money

Solar energy is one of the cleanest energy sources in the world. According to the experts, the energy that reaches from the sun to the earth in 1 hour is enough for meeting the energy requirements of the whole world for whole year. There is a need to capture this energy and use it properly. At the moment, we are using solar panels and other solar-powered products to use the solar energy. However, the trend of using solar-powered at the residential and commercial level is growing rapidly over time. The worth of the green economy is around 44 trillion at the moment. Among these $4 trillion, $400 billion are spent on solar energy. You can surely make a lot of money while working in this market as an affiliate marketer. Let’s discuss some of the best solar affiliate programs that can help you make a huge passive income. 

1. The Solgaard Affiliate Program

What does Solgaard do?

Solgaard is a renowned manufacturer of suitcases, backpacks, and various other accessories. The main feature of these products manufactured by the company is the solar energy. A solar panel is installed in the suitcases and backpacks to help you stay powered up all the time while traveling. You can charge you devices by using this solar panel. Carry-On Closet and Lifepack are the award-winning products released by the company. Moreover, Solgaard has been featured in renowned news outlets such as Forbes, Time, Fast Company, and many more. 

Solgaard Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Solgaard affiliate program offers a commission of 10% on generating each sale on its behalf through an affiliate link. The cookie duration under this affiliate program is 90 days. Moreover, the EPC for this affiliate program is around $26. It means you can make a lot of money while working for this environmentally friendly company as an affiliate marketer. Moreover, the products offered by the company have a huge demand in the travel market. 

2. The Goal Zero Affiliate Program

What does Goal Zero do?

Goal Zero is a renowned company working in the field of providing its customers with solar energy solutions. It sells solar panels, portable solar panels, and mountable solar panels designed for various purposes. The mission of the company is to deliver smart, portable power solutions to everyone, everywhere. The history of the company takes us back to 2007 when Robert Workman started a project to empower people in Congo. Under this project, he taught people how to run sustainable businesses. And now, Goal Zero has a range of products on offer to all of us. 

Goal Zero Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

In order to join the Goal Zero affiliate program, you need to sign up with PepperJam as this affiliate program is operated by this affiliate marketing network. The company pays its affiliates a commission of 5% on each sale generated through an affiliate link. In other words, you can make around $17 from each referred sale. The cookie duration under this affiliate program is 14 days.

3. The Soliom Affiliate Program

What does Soliom do?

Home security is something that we never want to compromise. People are willing to spend money on making their home safe and secure. Soliom offers a cost-effective solution in this regard as it sells solar-powered security cameras and home security camera systems to its customers. With these cameras, you get rid of wiring and frequent camera charging. Moreover, these cameras are manufactured under the supervision of experienced and skilful engineers. So, you will surely get the best quality. 

Soliom Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Soliom affiliate program offers a handy commission rate of 8% on each sale generated through an affiliate link. The cookie duration offered by the company in this affiliate program is 60 days that is quite competitive. You can access and join the program in free. You can access the program via ShareASale that provides commission tracking, reporting, and processing services to the company.


Solar energy has been taking place of the conventional energy sources pretty quickly over time. It has been used in almost every field of life at the moment based on its cost-effective and environmentally friendly features. The future of the solar industry is highly bright in almost every country of the world. By joining the above-mentioned affiliate programs, you can make a lot of passive income through monetizing your solar blog or website.