The Best Sports Affiliate Programs

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The Best 3 Sports Affiliate Programs to Make money

The estimated worth of the international sports industry is more than half a trillion dollars. People spend huge amount of money on purchasing sports goods and attending sprots events at the global level. As far as the market cap of this industry is concerned, it is more that what the US spends on its defence. You will surely get many audiences when you will promote sports events, products, and services. If you join the right sports affiliate programs, you can make a lot of money for sure. It is a profitable niche to target as an affiliate marketer. Let us discuss some of the best sports affiliate programs that can help you make a lot in passive income.  

1. The Leather Head Sports Affiliate Program

What does Leather Head Sports do?

Paul Cunnigham started Leather Head Sports as a company that believes in the universal love for sports. The company manufactures custom-made vintage leather balls for different sports including soccer, baseball, basketball, rugby, and football. You can use these balls both for play and display. Moreover, all of these balls are handcrafted using fine leather and experienced workmanship. The company has been featured in different news outlets such as Wall Street Journal, Esquire, GQ, and many more.  

Leather Head Sports Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The products offered by Leather Head Sports are quite popular among customers and sports fans. You can make a lot of money through promoting these products via your blog. The company offers a fixed commission of 10% on each sale generated through an affiliate link. The cookie duration under this affiliate program is 60 days and it has an EPC of around $133. This program will surely not disappoint you no matter whether you are a new or an experienced affiliate marketer.  

2. The Under Armour Affiliate Program

What does Under Armour do?

Under Armour sells sportswear to both men and women athletes involved in various sports including baseball, basketball, fishing, football, hockey, golf, and many more. The company sells baselayer, underwear, outerwear, shoes, bottoms, and tops to the athletes. By using the products offered by Under Armour, you can surely improve your athletic performance. The company has been in business since 1996 when it first created Prototype #0037. Since then, it has been growing rapidly with more and more products added to its stores on a regular basis. 

Under Armour Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Under Armour affiliate program is available on the Commission Junction (CJ) network. You must have an account on CJ to join this affiliate program. The company pays its affiliates a commission of 5% on generating each sale through their affiliate links. The cookie duration under this affiliate program is 30 days. The company provides it affiliates with all necessary resources to run effective marketing campaigns on its behalf. You can surely make a lot of money while working for this company as a marketing partner.

3. The TaylorMade Golf Affiliate Program

What does TaylorMade Golf do?

TaylorMade Golf started as a simple warehouse having three employees in 1979. As of now, the golf clubs manufactured by the company are used by some of the renowned golfers at the global level such as Jason Day, Tiger Woods, and hundreds of other PGA professionals. The company sells clubs, balls, and gears used in playing golf. The golf players trust this brand as much as they can. The company creates golf products and accessories under the consideration of the performance of the players. You will surely feel better while playing golf with TaylorMade Golf accessories. 

TaylorMade Golf Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

As you know, golf is the most expensive sport in the world. So, you can expect a huge commission from each sale brought by you to TaylorMade. The company is currently offering a commission of 6% on each sale generated through an affiliate link. However, this 6% is quite big as far as the average order value is concerned. Along with a healthy commission rate, the affiliates enjoy a cookie duration of 30 days while working for this company as an affiliate marketer.


You will find crazy fans and enthusiastic athletes in the field of sports. People love to spend money on fulfilling their sports dreams. There are hundreds of sports out there that are played by millions of people across the globe. As you know, different sports have different gears and accessories. So, you get a lot of diversity in terms of promoting products and services while working in this niche as an affiliate marketer. By joining the above-mentioned sports affiliate programs, you can surely make a lot of money, Start your affiliate marketing journey now with these programs!