The Best Supplement Affiliate Programs

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The Best 3 Supplement Affiliate Programs to Make money

There are tremendous earning opportunities for affiliate marketers in the supplement and its sub niches. A huge number of Americans are using nutrition supplements, according to the Council for Responsible Nutrition. A huge amount of money is involved in the supplement market as it has a worth of around $150 billion. According to the experts, this industry is expected to grow by 8% as of 2028. You can surely make a lot of money if you target the right supplement affiliate programs. I have come up with some of the best supplement affiliate programs that can help you get a head start. Let’s discuss them in detail: –

1. The Rootine Affiliate Program

What does Rootine do?

Rootine is an exceptional platform that provides its clients with the most suitable supplement required by their bodies based on their DNA test, a quiz, and a blood sample. The company believes that every individual has different nutrient needs. That is why it conducts precise tests before recommending the most useful supplements to its clients. The supplement formulas provided by the company to its customers are third-party tested and extremely safe.  

Rootine Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Rootine affiliate program is a huge opportunity for supplement affiliates based on the commission and cookie duration offered by the company. The company pays a flat commission of $75 on bringing each new paid customer to the platform. The cookie duration in this affiliate program is 60 days. Moreover, there are splendid bonuses offered by the company to its affiliates that makes this program highly attractive.

2. The Bulk Supplements Affiliate Program

What does Bulk Supplements do?

If you are looking for the best dietary supplements at an affordable price, then Bulk Supplements is the right online shop for you. You can purchase protein powder, weight loss supplements, herbal products, and many more from here. The company has been extremely loved by the customers. Thousands of new orders are processed by it on a daily basis. Moreover, Bulk Supplements has over 100000 positive reviews on the reputed internet sources. 

Bulk Supplements Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Bulk Supplements affiliate program welcomes new affiliates with a generous bonus. The company pays a handy commission of 15% on each new order. The commission rate for the wholesale orders is 2%. You can surely make a lot of money as a Bulk Supplements affiliate as the average order value here is around $120. Last but not least, the company provides additional bonus incentives to the top-performing affiliates. 

3. The Life Extension Affiliate Program

What does Life Extension do?

Life Extension is a proud seller of vitamins and dietary supplements. The company has extremely experienced team behind it that is working on making life healthy for the last 40 years. If you are suffering from hormone imbalance, weight issues, and other weaknesses, then you must try Life Extension. The company has its own magazine as well that provides the visitors with the latest information in the supplement niche. 

Life Extension Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The base commission under the Life Extension affiliate program is 6%. It is something highly attractive as far as the average order value at Life Extension is concerned that is $132. The commission rate increases with the increase of your referred order value. It reaches 12% if you generate over $10000 sales in a month. The cookie duration under this affiliate program is 30 days. 


In order to live a healthy life, people need supplements. The use of supplements has been increasing convincingly over time in the US and all across the world. You can make a lot of money while promoting the products of supplement companies. The programs discussed in this article are the best in the supplement niche. Join them now and start earning real money on a daily basis.