The Best Survival Affiliate Programs

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The Best 3 Survival Affiliate Programs to Make money

Emergency situations are a bitter reality. Anyone from us can go through a disaster anytime but are we ready to survive through it? There is an ongoing movement at the global level where individuals practice to cope with disasters or emergency situations. There are a lot of adventurers among us who love to go on a survival mission for entertainment. The worth of the current prepping market is around $10 billion per year. There are more than 4 million confirmed preppers in the US. Moreover, 55% of the US adults invest in survival supplies such as containers, survival gears, and bullets. According to the industry experts, the demand for survival equipment is going to rise in the near future. So, it is a profitable niche to target as an affiliate marketer. In this article, I will discuss some of the best survival affiliate programs that can help you earn real money. Let’s discuss them!

1. The Survival Frog Affiliate Program

What does Survival Frog do?

Survival Frog started its business as a survival CDs and book seller. In 2009, the company started shipping survival equipment to the preppers. As of now, it is serving as one of the leading survival gear suppliers in the US and Canada. It sells its own products apart from selling the products manufactured by others. Some of the best products available on this platform are sleeping bags, survival hatchet kits, fire starting kit, bug out bag, and emergency food. 

Survival Frog Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

As a Survival Frog affiliate, you can earn around $15 from each sale generated through your affiliate link. The company is currently offering a commission of 12% to its affiliates with a cookie duration of 30 days. Remember, the average order size on this online platform is around $130. You can join this affiliate program through the ShareASale network. If you have any queries about the program, you can directly reach the Survival Frog affiliate manager at

2. The Titan Survival Affiliate Program

What does Titan Survival do?

In general, the price of survival products is quite high. You should make the right decision while purchasing a product to ensure it fits your needs. Titan Survival is a business that is run by military veterans. Initially, they started it as a platform to sell paracord because they found pretty poor quality paracords in the market. As of now, they have added a range of products into their selling list including emergency blankets, fire-starters, sleeping bags, and survival merch. They provide life-time guarantee on their products and free shipping on $30+ orders. 

Titan Survival Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

You have two options to become a marketing partner of Titan Survival. The first one is to promote their products through their Amazon store at the rate of 3% of each sale generated through your affiliate link. The other way is to join the program directly through the Refersion network to start promoting the products available in the official website of the company. In this way, you can earn a commission of 7% on each sale. The cookie duration under this affiliate program is 30 days.

3. The 3V Gear Affiliate Program

What does 3V Gear do?

3V Gear is actually a backpack that is designed to carry a huge amount of luggage needed to accomplish a survival mission or an adventurous campaign. As a prepper, you must be aware of the fact that you need a lot of equipment to ensure your survival in a disastrous situation. In order to keep everything intact, you need a useful backpack. The team behind 3V Gear is well aware of your needs as a survivalist. That is why it has come up with a classy solution to this problem in the form of this backpack. The price of this product is highly affordable and the company ships it directly to the customers. 

3V Gear Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

3V Gear takes care of both its customers and affiliates. The company is offering a commission of 8% on each sale generated through an affiliate link under this program. The commission rate exceeds to 14% if an affiliate generates more than 30 sales in a particular month. The cookie duration in this affiliate program is 30 days. You can join this program through the Ascend or Avantlink network.


The number of preppers has been rising at the global level. More and more people are joining this campaign as it is becoming popular on the social media. The projections for the survival niche are highly bright. You can make a lot of money while promoting the products that can help people survive in an emergency situation. These programs will help you to get a boost or kickstart as an affiliate marketer. Join them now!