The Best Toy Affiliate Programs

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The Best 3 Toy Affiliate Programs to Make money

Kids are one of the huge recipients of gifts at the global level and toys are the best gifts for them. You can make money by writing about the best toys that can make kids happy, engaged, and charming. The global toy industry is huge in size and it means serious business. According to the current statistics, the worth of the global industry was around $95 billion in 2019. By 2027, this market is expected to be grown up to $110 billion. You must be amazed to know that every kid receives toys worth more than $300 each year from his parents and relatives. So, you have huge opportunity to earn real money through promoting toys via your blog, website, or social media account. Let’s discuss some of the best toy affiliate programs that can give you a handy start in this niche. 

1. The InnovaToys Affiliate Program

What does InnovaToys do?

InnovaToys is a US-brand platform that sells toys, gifts, and gadgets to a wide range of customers. The products sold by the company are quite unique and unusual. The main focus of the company is to sell modelling kits. You will find more than 300 models such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, and many more on this online platform. The company ships these models to the customers without charging them any shipping cost. Moreover, there are no minimum purchase requirements imposed by the company on its customers.  

InnovaToys Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The InnovaToys affiliate program runs on the ShareASale network. You can easily join this program if you are a member of ShareASale. The company offers a commission of 8% on each sale directed by the affiliates to its official website. The average order value at InnovaToys is around $80. So, you can make around $6.4 from each sale generated through your affiliate link. The negative aspect of this affiliate program is its 1-day cookie duration that is way low as far as the industry standard is concerned.  

2. The Crayola Affiliate Program

What does Crayola do?

Crayola is a renowned brand of selling innovative products for kids. Some of the best product categories available on Crayola are Color & Draw, Paint & Create, Writing Tools, Modeling Compounds, Toys and Activities, and Facemasks. In terms of toys, the customers can purchase Mini Marker Sprayer, Scribble Scrubbie Safari Gift Set, Glitter Dots Sparkle Charms and Keychains Gift Set, and many more. It is one of the best places to purchase items that will enhance the creativity of your kids. 

Crayola Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Crayola affiliate program is operated by Affiliate Management Solutions, LLC, an internet marketing company. The company pays its affiliates a commission of 5% on each sale generated through their affiliate links. The cookie duration under this affiliate program is 14 days that is quite better than the cookie duration offered by the InnovaToys affiliate program. The company also offers promotions and bonus incentives to its affiliates on a regular basis.

3. The Lego Affiliate Program

What does Lego do?

Affiliate marketing is beneficial for both new and experienced online businesses. Lego is a huge company in the toy industry, however, it still relied on a well-managed affiliate program. The worth of the company in 2021 was around $5.4 billion that shows how huge it is in terms of market capitalization. The company has over 20000 representatives in over 40 countries. You will find a huge range of toys available on this platform whenever you will visit it. It has been present among the leading toy sellers on the global level for a long time. 

Lego Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

Lego is undoubtedly a huge brand in the toy industry. However, it does not pay a substantial commission to its affiliates as compared to the competitors. As a Lego affiliate, you can make 3% on each sale generated through your affiliate link. The cookie duration offered by the company to its affiliates is also quite low, only seven days. The affiliate program of Lego is managed by Linkshare, a subsidiary of Rakuten Advertising. You can simply fill an online form on Linkshare to join this affiliate program.


People spend a huge amount of money on purchasing toys for their kids each year. According to the statistics, a kid in the US receives toys worth more than $300 each year from his parents and relatives. The toy industry is witnessing a huge growth over time. By 2027, the toy market would have added $10 billion to its market cap. You can surely make a lot of money while promoting the products of the toy companies discussed in this article. Join these affiliate programs now and start earning real money!