The Best Trading Affiliate Programs

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In this article I’ll be diving into my top recommendations for trading affiliates. Whether you have a trading blog or you are a trading influencer or just a beginner to the world of affiliate marketing, this post will prove helpful to you as I have something special to tell you about ;).

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The Best 3 Trading Affiliate Programs to Make money

The affiliate marketing industry has been there for a long time. However, there are a lot of people who still do not know enough about it and think it as a new market. As a trading affiliate, you have to promote different trading products, services, and platforms to your internet audience in an innovative and attractive manner. Luckily, there are thousands of such companies and products that are offering huge commission to the affiliate marketers. As far as the recent statistics are concerned, trillions of dollars have been traded alone in the forex market on a daily basis. I have picked up some of the best trading affiliate programs for you in this article to make things easier for you. You can join these programs now and start making passive income. Let’s discuss them: -

1. The XM Affiliate Program

What does XM do?

XM is a forex broker that provides an excellent platform to the traders to earn money through investing in currencies, commodities, and other financial instruments. It is absolutely free to join this platform. However, you have to deposit money in order to start real trading. The platform is available in around 25 languages. Moreover, the broker provides its customers with exceptional leverages and deposit bonuses to increase the chances of their success. 

XM Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The XM affiliate program offers multiple commissions that an affiliate can earn through referring a single customer. The company pays a commission of up to $25 on referring each new customer. The second-tier commission structure pays you a commission of 10% on each deposit made by your referral. The CPA under this affiliate program is around $650.

2. The AvaPartner Affiliate Program

What does AvaPartner do?

AvaPartner is an affiliate program of a renowned forex broker known as AvaTrade. It is one of the best trading platforms available online. It allows traders to buy and sell currencies, stocks, cryptocurrencies, stock market indices, and commodities. The traders can practice their trading knowledge on a demo account provided by the company before moving on to the real trading. The headquarters of the company is located in Ireland. 

AvaPartner Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The AvaPartner affiliate program is known for paying huge commission on each successful referral that comes from an affiliate link. The company follows both CPA and revenue share models in terms of paying commission to its affiliates. It provides its affiliates with creative media to help them run effective marketing campaigns. You can surely make a lot of money while working for this company as a marketing partner. 

3. The Swissquote Affiliate Program

What does Swissquote do?

Swissquote is an online platform that is used by a wide range of traders and investors who follow different strategies. On this online platform, you can trade currencies, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and indices. It accepts both private and institutional clients to trade and invest with Swissquote. 

Swissquote Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

Swissquote offers two options to its affiliates when they intend to join it. The first option is to become a sponsor. It means you earn a commission whenever someone joins Swissquote through your affiliate link. The second option is to become a Broker Partner. It means you earn commission when you refer a private or institution client to this broker. It is more rewarding and complex option as compared to the sponsor. 


There are millions of people across the world who trade currencies, stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies and other financial instruments on a daily basis. You can join the trading companies as their marketing partner to earn money through promoting their products and services to your online audience. It is one of the best niches to make huge profits as trillions of dollars are involved in this market. Stat your journey now with the above-mentioned affiliate programs.