The Best Travel Affiliate Programs

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The Best 3 Travel Affiliate Programs to Make money

Travel has become a need for all of us in the current modern world that depicts an image of a global village. People have to travel at both national and international level to meet their needs and desires. There are various important aspects of traveling including transport, accommodation, and food services. As a travel affiliate, you can promote these services to your audience to earn commission. If you have a travel blog, website, or social media channel, then you have a huge asset. The worth of the travel industry is around $5 trillion as of now. According to the experts, a huge growth is expected in this industry in the upcoming years. In this article, I have selected some of the best travel affiliate programs to make it easy for you to make a joining decision. Let’s discuss them in detail: –

1. The Expedia Affiliate Program

What does Expedia do?

Expedia is one of the biggest travel brands at the global level. There are various services offered by the company to its customers including access to properties, discounted flights, vacation packages, car bookings, and cruise deals. Expedia has more than 500 partners from the accommodation and airline industries. The customers can save up to $500 for booking a combined airline ticket and hotel accommodation from here. Moreover, they can earn loyalty points to save more money on their future trips. 

Expedia Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The Expedia affiliate program runs on an in-house software developed by the company. It is quite easy to join this affiliate program by providing simple information about you and what you do. You can make a lot of money through this affiliate program if you have a healthy travel audience on your blog or website. The company pays a commission of 2-6% to its affiliates. The commission rate varies based on the services you are promoting. The cookie duration under this affiliate program is seven days that is quite low. 

2. The Affiliate Program

What does do? is a true competitor of Expedia and various other companies in this niche. The company offers airline tickets, hotel bookings, and car rental services to its customers. The travel comparison service provided by is state-of-the-art in the travel industry. The unique feature of is that its partners never charge booking fee that provides a competitive advantage to the customers in terms of costs. It is undoubtedly one of the biggest platforms visited by the travellers on a regular basis. Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

The affiliate program has already been joined by more than 13000 affiliate marketers from all across the world. It has a seven-day EPC of around $160 that makes it the highest paying program in the travel niche. The company pays its affiliates a commission of 4% on all bookings. The cookie duration under this affiliate program is session-based. Moreover, the company provides its affiliates with a direct support whenever they find an issue.

3. The Tripadvisor Affiliate Program

What does Tripadvisor do?

Tripadvisor is an online platform that is mainly used by the travellers to review different travel services. As of the end of 2020, more than 884 reviews had been posted on the platform. Along with reviews, the visitors can book hotels and activities through this platform. The company is only focused to allows its customers to get the best accommodation while traveling. It also offers air tickets, vacation rentals, and restaurant booking services but does not pay commission on promoting them. 

Tripadvisor Affiliate Program, A Quick Review

As a Tripadvisor affiliate, you are supposed to promote accommodation services listed on the official website of the company. The company pays a commission of 50% on each booking made through your affiliate link. The cookie duration under this affiliate program is two weeks. You can join this affiliate program through the Awin network. Remember, the company offers some incentive deals to its affiliates on regular basis in which the commission rate reaches up to 80%.


People travelled in the past, they are traveling now, and they will travel in the future as well. Travel has become a need in the current world. It is booming industry that has still not reached its peak. The future of the travel industry is highly bright as it is expected to reach 6 trillion dollars in the near future. You can surely make a lot of money by monetizing your blog to the travel affiliate programs discussed in this article. Join them now and start earning passive income.