0.10 How To Submit Assignments

Assignments are to be submitted to tasks@scottmax.com

IMPORTANT: One email per module

This is an example of what should be contained in the Assignments Email that you will send every time you complete a module:

Email Subject Line: 
Full Name, Investing Module 0
E.g. Anakin Rupert Skywalker, Investing Module 0

Email Content:
Full Name: e.g. Anakin Rupert Skywalker

Email Attachments:
In the attachments, have all the files either as a screenshot in .jpg or the documents in .pdf
The files must be named:
Full name + Assignment number
Anakin Rupert Skywalker 2Anakin Rupert Skywalker 3Etc

The assignment number is detailed in the course.
Please note, that we only accept assignments if they fit this format, this makes it far easier to check the assignments for our 1000s of students, so please submit them correctly.
Make sure that your website is live and working from your URL when you submit assignments, we will check.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Only send the tasks when you have the complete module. They will not be received in parts.

Now that you have a clearer idea of how to submit assignments, let's explain what not to do in the submissions.

Please read the following:

1. DO NOT send a single email of assignments: Sometimes students send images of assignments attached in the mail. When it is time to review them, this is cumbersome, so we ask that they are all sent together in one email per module.

2. DO NOT send only a text that does not demonstrate anything, for example: "Hello, I have already done task 1, I bought the hosting and the domain is suchdomain.com", another bad example would be: "Hello, I have already finished module 1, I am half way through module 2". This type of email does not demonstrate your progress.

3. DO NOT send a heavy document: The task document should not weigh more than 5 MB.
Failure to comply with the instructions will result in the assignment not being reviewed.
Please remember that assignments are compulsory in case you want to get the Final Course Certificate. But don't send in poorly done assignments or progress just to meet a date, if you don't have progress or didn't have time to prepare the assignments, no problem, you can send it later.

The important result is not the task or even the correct submission of the task, it's your competence and what you are learning.

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