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Module 0: Getting Started
Module 1: Building your Website
Module 2: SEO
Module 3: Web Analytics
Module 4: Email Marketing
Module 5: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Module 6: Social Media Marketing
Module 7: Facebook and Instagram Ads

0.10 MUST READ: Our Rules

Hello again,
We would love to have things run as smoothly as possible, therefore:
Below, we describe a series of simple rules to achieve a good coexistence between students and tutors during and after the course:

  • NO Insulting classmates or tutors, it will be punished with direct expulsion from the Master and Community
  • Always try to be constructive when participating in community activities
  • NO posting links or upload files with sexual, violent or drug use content.
  • NO uploading pirated or virus-infected files or software.
  • NO advertising MAX Business School's competitors, or other Masters related to Digital Marketing, Digital Business and Web Analytics.
  • Students will encourage the community and our schools mission by trying to help other students whenever possible.
  • The student's challenge is to create the online business of their choice and to generate income, if they don't have any ideas the student will create: A website that will deal with Digital Marketing, Web Analytics, Social Media or any other topic related to online business.To the best of their ability, students will do all required assignments.
  • Tutors will try to answer all questions within 24 hours.
  • In order to complete the Master and receive the certification, students must submit all the compulsory assignments.
  • The maximum time to complete the Master is 6 months
  • Students who complete the Master can request MAX Business School to start a job search in the Digital Marketing, Digital Business sector for them.
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Jawad Sadeeq
1 year ago

Respected Sir/Ma'am
i have already a domain and hosting, so it is necessary to purchase hosting from Hostgator?

Shamil Aliyev
8 months ago
Reply to  Scott Max

only hosting ?

7 months ago
Reply to  Scott Max

what if we have a hosting in hostinger but couldnt go with hostgator

Kaweesa Hassan
10 months ago

Am enjoying the course.

Yufenyuy Evans Nyuydze
9 months ago

am enjoying the course

Akinleye Rebecca Damilola
8 months ago

thank you for this opportunity i got value

Mohamed Omar Mohamed
8 months ago

Thanks allot

Alfred Lazarus
8 months ago

Thank you so much for taking your time to put this up.

I am learning from Nigeria

Abdisalam abdillahi
8 months ago

Hi guys

Rana Gamal
7 months ago
  • The maximum time to complete the Master is 6 months

may I have an explanation of this as the net page say that we have infinite time?

Haji Bibi
7 months ago

Hello I have read step by step its very helpful thanks.

Mohammad Naeem
6 months ago


Patrick Murr
6 months ago

If I couldn't finish the Master in maximum 6 months I don't get certification?

Eniolorunfda rotimi
6 months ago

i have a domain and hosting already

Akanni qudus
6 months ago

Promise to abide by the rules

Chris s fayiah
5 months ago

I'm so grateful for this opportunity

usman muhammed
5 months ago

Hello iam a nigeria but i dont know how much $2.71mo caurse in nigeria money.naira

Onwuka Tochukwu
4 months ago
Reply to  usman muhammed

It's about #1,300 in Naira. Hostgator charges annually for this discount though, so it all adds up to about $33.00 per year which is #13,800 naira.

Mohamed yaasin
5 months ago


Maxamed yaasiin
4 months ago
Reply to  Mohamed yaasin


Maxamed yaasiin
4 months ago


Maxamed yaasiin
4 months ago
Lindon Masaya
4 months ago

taking notes

Ebenezer Odoom
4 months ago

This rules are simple and easy to be obey. Thank you MBS.

Adeshola Paul
4 months ago

My name is Adeshola Paul Just joining this course from Nigeria..it seems we have a lot of Nigerians here…I say we open a WhatsApp group for this course to help eachother out

Adeyemi Akinbinuade
3 months ago
Reply to  Adeshola Paul

This is a great idea.and it will be beneficial.

Maryam Isa Gidado
3 months ago
Reply to  Adeshola Paul

Great idea.

nelson omotuyole
4 months ago

beautiful lessons so far been loving it

Usman Muhammed
3 months ago

Thanks may God help us. Let create WhatsApp group for Nigerians

3 months ago

The rules are perfect

Hussien Hamid
3 months ago

Thanks dear teacher
First of all thank for your time and effort to put all this knowledge available for us for free. Really appreciate 🙏
Secondly, I'm very interested to learn this specially I going to start new business
Finally I'm asking how to pay for hosting accounts without master or credit cards

Fabian Fanuel
3 months ago

Am ready to obey and follow the rules in order to achieve the stated digital mareking and businee lessons.

Chinwe Mbato
3 months ago

You said maximum time to complete the master is 6months and in another place you said their is no limit on when to finish the training.can you explain that please?

3 months ago

Am loving this course so loaded🤸

3 months ago

Thanks so much for this course
i have a little issue though,Most nigerian banks reduced their card limit for international web transactions to $20 per month,the payment for the domain is above the restricted limit,how do i make payment for the hostigator

3 months ago


3 months ago

Thanks. Nited

Isaac Tetteh
2 months ago

I pledge to abide by the rules. Thank you.

2 months ago

Please how can I make payment for Domain and hosting as a Nigerian and how much?

Angelo Sangrador
2 months ago
  • Hi Max...what really excites me here, is the last bullet point - Students who complete the Master can request MAX Business School to start a job search in the Digital Marketing, Digital Business sector for them.
2 months ago

Thanks for important these advices

Edmond Munezero
1 month ago
  • The maximum time to complete the Master is 6 months, what about the minimum time required.
12 days ago

Business ruls


Aasif khan
3 days ago

I'm starting

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