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Module 0: Getting Started
Module 1: Building your Website
Module 2: SEO
Module 3: Web Analytics
Module 4: Email Marketing
Module 5: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Module 6: Social Media Marketing
Module 7: Facebook and Instagram Ads

0.11 Evaluation Criteria

Students of the Master's Degree in Digital Marketing and Web Analytics will NOT take exams.

To obtain the Master's Diploma, students must complete the 120+ tasks proposed based on the construction and analysis of their own website and practical builds in advertising accounts.

The tasks are submitted on a module by module basis.

The time to complete the Master is infinite.

If the student submits all the tasks correctly, using the proper procedure and having used our affiliate links to setup their website, they will receive the certification.

Furthermore, the course will guide you to be able to easily achieve:

Google Analytics Certification

MAX Business School has no authority to issue the Google Analytics certification, only Google has such authority. Max Business School will train the student to take the exam (FREE) and pass it. 

Google Ads Certification

MAX Business School has no authority to issue the Google Ads certification, only Google has such authority. MAX Business School will train the student to take the exam (FREE) and pass it. 

Facebook Blueprint Certification

MAX Business School has no authority to issue the Facebook Blueprint certification, only Facebook has such authority. Max Business School will train the student to take the exam and pass it. 

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Egide Niyonsaba
1 year ago

That's clear Sir!

Yahye mahamed Farah
1 year ago

Mcha allh

Aduba Hassan
1 year ago

Thanks for such an creative direction.

Taribi Isaac Oyeintunyo
1 year ago

well noted sir

Mahmoud Mohamed abdelfatah Mohamed
1 year ago

Sorry, but previously it said that: The maximum time to complete the Master is 6 months. And UP in the article is written that: The time to complete the Master is infinite. Can you please clarify this?

1 year ago

It means if you are on it you will probably achieve it in time according to hours you spend for courses.

Kaweesa Hassan
1 year ago

Are the certification exams mentioned above entirely for free?

Aminata Lukulay
1 year ago

This is a huge opportunity for me

Nathaniel Kurokuroyefa Samuel
1 year ago

Thank you sir, everything is clear enough

Nicolas Kasolene
1 year ago

Thanks once again for this opportunity!

Sithembiso Muzi Hlatshwako
1 year ago

Greeting classmates and Tutor.

Alanoding M. Acraman
1 year ago

so sad i cant participate despite if how interested i am because of mandatory 1 year website subscription 🙁

Alanoding M. Acraman
1 year ago

i reach lesson 3 already

Yufenyuy Evans Nyuydze
1 year ago

very clear sir

Tyson Cofre
1 year ago

So, we have 6 months to finish the course and get certified. Right?

However, I just read “ The time to complete the Master is infinite.”

John Bosco
1 year ago

6 months to complete the corse but in the article posted time to complete this master cores is infinite

Irish Joy Cabañero
1 year ago

thank you very much everything is clear

Jose Alberto Mandlate
1 year ago

The Facebook Blueprint Certification is free as well, right? The reason why I'm asking is because for Google Analytics and Good Ads Certifications its written that to take the exam is FREE but this term is not included for Facebook Blueprint.

Mohamed Omar Mohamed
1 year ago

Thanks allot sir

Solomon George
1 year ago

Apt sir.

Zulu Maxwell
1 year ago

Is the certification internationally recognise/accredited or mere certificate of completion?

Noel Lepcha
1 year ago

I already have my google certificates but want to learn more, is it possible to do so?

Alina Bhatti
1 year ago

Hello sir i have my account on wordpress along with hosting account and domain i chose to learn this course inorder to improvise my skill so is that directly means that i am no longer a reciever of participant of certification

Amani zughbar
1 year ago

I feeling confused a little bit

Goodnews Edwin Nwayen
1 year ago

very clear and understand sir

sanaullah Dahio
1 year ago

thank you so much sir

Mohamud Mohamed
1 year ago

That is very clear, but Max Business school can to train how to get these certificates like Google, facebook and so on ?

1 year ago

This is a one in a moment gift by you. Thanks sir.

Samuel Owoeye
1 year ago

Please which of the plan are we to subscribe for concerning the hosting account

Ebenezer Odoom
1 year ago

This is super loaded value for free. I am grateful for your effort.

1 year ago

Thanks a lot

Is-hak Waziri
1 year ago

Thank You, Sir

Ifiok Peter
1 year ago

A clear and noted.

Ikejiofor Ikechukwu Valentine
1 year ago

Good morning from here max. I need clarity on this, from module 0.10 stating the rules and regulations, you said that the maximum time for completion of the master program is 6 months, and then stated in module 0.11 that the time for completion of the master program is infinite. Please I need a distinctive clarity on these two statements sir.
Your urgent response please.

Jeremiah Samuel
1 year ago

All instructions and guides are clear. Thanks

Nteboheleng Mokabe
1 year ago

How do I get the master degree.

Modirwa Kekwaletswe
1 year ago

Very clear

Akhil Singh
1 year ago

What if I use outside website for creating domain and hosting account will I get the certificate then???

Prosperous Dirisu
1 year ago

Question: Without the hosting and domain for beginners can we still proceed

Edison Furog
1 year ago

This is clear, hopefully I will pass

11 months ago


11 months ago


Agyeman Manu
11 months ago

Thanks for the opportunity offered to us to learn an in-demand skill for free.
I lost my job recently. This is a timely blessing. God bless you abundantly.

Emmanuel okpala
11 months ago

Since I started the school,have done all I could to own a web site all to no avail using my master credit card.always telling me to use another payment method. Some one should pls help me here.thanks for the audience.

Isaac Tetteh
11 months ago

It's understandable

Name Utojuba Joyce
11 months ago

Crystal clear

Angelo Sangrador
11 months ago

Hi Max, could it be possible to finish and complete 4 tasks of the 120+ tasks a day? Considering I dedicated my 5-6 solid hours a day to this course?

Ajao Oluwafunmilayo
11 months ago


Bernice Agyekwena
11 months ago

I used to hear a lot about Google Adwords. However, it is not mentioned here. Is Google Adwords now obsolete and therefore irrelevant to digital marketing?

Aggrey Mwagware Chokwe Tsaka
11 months ago

This is encouraging going forward. There seem to be light at the end of the tunnel.

Gilrey Akhungu
10 months ago

Am glad to here, such a massive opportunity

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