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Module 0: Getting Started
Module 1: Building your Website
Module 2: SEO
Module 3: Web Analytics
Module 4: Email Marketing
Module 5: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Module 6: Social Media Marketing
Module 7: Facebook and Instagram Ads

0.16 [ASSIGNMENT 1] Setup Domain & Hosting

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Soe Moe Aung
3 months ago

Dear Tutor,

I don't receive the billing info mail from HostGator.

3 months ago

Good evening sir. Mariam from Nigeria. I can't use my card to pay for the hostgator. I thought it was 2.48 dollar per month, but when I saw the billing it was 10 dollar per month. Pls is there away you can help me review it.

Fatema Akter Naher
3 months ago

Can I use my own Domain & Hosting because already have one, please inform me is it possible ??

Fatema Akter Naher
3 months ago
Reply to  Scott Max

No, It's not Hostgator then what? without Hostgator can I complete the course?

Fatema Akter Naher
3 months ago
Reply to  Scott Max

Thank you so much.

Fatema Akter Naher
3 months ago

Hello sir
Already have one domain & hosting, can I use this to complete this course ??
if not possible I cant complete this beautiful course, please give me a suggestion
I want to complete this full course.

Nancy Khattar
3 months ago

Hello, can I subscribe to a one-month plan for now and complete the course? For some economic reasons in my country. I want to make sure if I will be able to do my assignments and get the certification using this plan. Thank you.

Rifat Chowdhury Fahim
3 months ago

I have my own domain and hosting what should i do now?

Froiland Exequiel Y. Ruguian
3 months ago

Hi, can I sign up for a yearly plan with just the bare minimum? (no add ons)
Hope you can help me. Thanks Scott

Santa Milade Nicolas
2 months ago

Hello, I m Santa From Lebanon,
For some economic reasons in my country, I want to make sure if we have to pay more then Domain & Hosting during this course. Cause I want to be able to do my assignments and get the certification using this plan. Thank you.

2 months ago

omg i cant afford to buy domain and hosting

1 month ago

i have registered for the study and have started taking modules but... to pay for the required amount; the payment methods are not yet started in my country. how can i continue ?

Nyan Zaw San
1 month ago

Dear Sir, Can I ask a question? I have free domain and hosting. It is work?

Dina Ibrahim
1 month ago

What if i can't afford buying a domain and hosting at all?

ndubi dennis
1 month ago

nice contents

Joseph Lucas
1 month ago

Am confused, I can only see assignment 1, but don't know whatto do,what really required in the first assingment, mean the questions

Malede Gashaw
1 month ago

Is that possible to continue with free host domain? Because there now payment provider system in my country

Taribi Isaac Oyeintunyo
1 month ago

Sir, I used the link here for my hosting plan, followed all the steps but I was billed about $5.5

Taribi Isaac Oyeintunyo
1 month ago

Sir, I learnt the discount is only for the 36 months billing circle, pls clarify me.

Otar Murmanishvili
22 days ago

What will be If I already have Website, domain, content, and social media group?
Do I take any kind of Diploma or certificate after finishing your course?

Tretius Haimbala
22 days ago

Dear Tutor

I would like to set up my domain and hosting account. how is the payments done? can I be billed monthly for 24 months?

Azuka bright ositadimma
20 days ago

dear tutor,
dues to financial issues I would be doing the 3-month plan in other to complete the course and get certified, the issue I know is that they are requesting a credit card I don't have a credit card I only have a debit card what do i do now? i cant pay via PayPal is not allowed in my country
bright from nigeria

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