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Module 0: Getting Started
Module 1: Building your Website
Module 2: SEO
Module 3: Web Analytics
Module 4: Email Marketing
Module 5: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Module 6: Social Media Marketing
Module 7: Facebook and Instagram Ads

0.16 [ASSIGNMENT 1] Setup Domain & Hosting

If you've chosen Hostpapa. A screenshot of the thank you page, or of the confirmation email, is accepted.

Reminder, you can get your hosting + domain with HostPapa here.

If you are from the restricted countries of Hostpapa and could only take Hostgator, we also accept the thank you page or the confirmation email as proof.

You can get your Hostgator domain + hosting account here.

See you in the next video!

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Soe Moe Aung
2 years ago

Dear Tutor,

I don't receive the billing info mail from HostGator.

1 year ago

Good evening sir. Mariam from Nigeria. I can't use my card to pay for the hostgator. I thought it was 2.48 dollar per month, but when I saw the billing it was 10 dollar per month. Pls is there away you can help me review it.

Fatema Akter Naher
1 year ago

Can I use my own Domain & Hosting because already have one, please inform me is it possible ??

Fatema Akter Naher
1 year ago
Reply to  Scott Max

No, It's not Hostgator then what? without Hostgator can I complete the course?

Fatema Akter Naher
1 year ago
Reply to  Scott Max

Thank you so much.

Fatema Akter Naher
1 year ago

Hello sir
Already have one domain & hosting, can I use this to complete this course ??
if not possible I cant complete this beautiful course, please give me a suggestion
I want to complete this full course.

Nancy Khattar
1 year ago

Hello, can I subscribe to a one-month plan for now and complete the course? For some economic reasons in my country. I want to make sure if I will be able to do my assignments and get the certification using this plan. Thank you.

Rifat Chowdhury Fahim
1 year ago

I have my own domain and hosting what should i do now?

Froiland Exequiel Y. Ruguian
1 year ago

Hi, can I sign up for a yearly plan with just the bare minimum? (no add ons)
Hope you can help me. Thanks Scott

Santa Milade Nicolas
1 year ago

Hello, I m Santa From Lebanon,
For some economic reasons in my country, I want to make sure if we have to pay more then Domain & Hosting during this course. Cause I want to be able to do my assignments and get the certification using this plan. Thank you.

1 year ago

omg i cant afford to buy domain and hosting

1 year ago

i have registered for the study and have started taking modules but... to pay for the required amount; the payment methods are not yet started in my country. how can i continue ?

Nyan Zaw San
1 year ago

Dear Sir, Can I ask a question? I have free domain and hosting. It is work?

Dina Ibrahim
1 year ago

What if i can't afford buying a domain and hosting at all?

Solomone Bula
1 year ago
Reply to  Dina Ibrahim

Find a partner in the Facebook group!

Last edited 1 year ago by Solomone Bula
ndubi dennis
1 year ago

nice contents

Joseph Lucas
1 year ago

Am confused, I can only see assignment 1, but don't know whatto do,what really required in the first assingment, mean the questions

Malede Gashaw
1 year ago

Is that possible to continue with free host domain? Because there now payment provider system in my country

Taribi Isaac Oyeintunyo
1 year ago

Sir, I used the link here for my hosting plan, followed all the steps but I was billed about $5.5

Michael Mugala
8 months ago

That's exactly my experience and the total cost comes to something like $94. I'm shocked because I did everything correctly.

Taribi Isaac Oyeintunyo
1 year ago

Sir, I learnt the discount is only for the 36 months billing circle, pls clarify me.

Otar Murmanishvili
1 year ago

What will be If I already have Website, domain, content, and social media group?
Do I take any kind of Diploma or certificate after finishing your course?

Tretius Haimbala
1 year ago

Dear Tutor

I would like to set up my domain and hosting account. how is the payments done? can I be billed monthly for 24 months?

Azuka bright ositadimma
1 year ago

dear tutor,
dues to financial issues I would be doing the 3-month plan in other to complete the course and get certified, the issue I know is that they are requesting a credit card I don't have a credit card I only have a debit card what do i do now? i cant pay via PayPal is not allowed in my country
bright from nigeria

Archibong Augustine
1 year ago

Dear tutor
I'm Archibong Augustineand I have same issues

1 year ago

I have the same issues
Mr max

11 months ago
Reply to  Adarh

I have exactly the same problem here in my country Ethiopia.

Duy Dang Truong
1 year ago

hello professor, i already have domain and hosting. I still do the exercises.

I am having economic difficulties and signing up for a 1 year or more package is difficult for me at the moment.

If using Hostgator is a mandatory requirement for a certificate. Can I finish that after I finish the final exam?

I am an inquisitive person, the economy is struggling and I need this certificate.

Looking forward to hearing from MAX Business School.

Isabella Ibeji
1 year ago

Hi Scott, let me see if i understand this, without buying from Hostgator I cannot get the Certificate for this course?

Nuredin Jundi Adem
1 year ago

Your leaning is good and i love it.please How to get certificate from your school?

Emmanuel Sahr Tengbeh
1 year ago

Is there a way to ChanGe a domain name?
Just in case I might want to change it in d future
For ex: changing it from biggy.com to tiny.com

Benise Nechang Anjangha
1 year ago
Reply to  Scott Max

So if i decide to change my domain name i have to buy a new offer altogether?

Dingani Daniel Ndhlovu
1 year ago

Hello Scott, I already manage two domains for my clients, they both do not have websites, just email accounts and am hosting them with bluehost.com
would I have to transfer the domain here is it a requirement that I purchase a new domain?

Erika Sison
1 year ago

Hi tutor,

I saw one of your comments about getting a partner to split with the hosting cost. is it still with hatchling plan or we have to switch to baby plan?

And if in case we have to choose baby plan, are all the domain names still be free for 1 year?

Dagem Taddede
1 year ago

Dear Tutor

I am From Ethiopia and my billing methods are a bit Confusing?

Dagem Taddede
1 year ago

I cant pay

Tooba Zahid
1 year ago

hey there ! i just needed to ask that after paying for the Hosting account from my debit card for example the total Amount for hosting account is 50$ for 12 months no extra payment will be deducted after the actual amount is being deducted?
please answer my query so that I make myself clear..

Niamat ullah
1 year ago

Sir i no have debt card so how i buy it please guide me.

Saeed Khan
1 year ago

Hello Sir,
I can not afford the charges of domain & hosting, Please allow me to proceed the course of Digital Marketing.

Shashank Adhikari
1 year ago

Can i get my domain from GoDaddy coz it's cheap and am from India soo paying in foreign currency will be difficult for me and it's costly as well. Plz reply quickly.

1 year ago

Did you buy from GoDaddy only? I'll purchase too.

10 months ago

Did you complete the course getting the domain from godaddy?

Damilola Adedipe
1 year ago

There should be another payment method, some of us dont have paypal and credit card is not been use in our country

Oussama Zaouali
1 year ago

hello , im from tunisia we dont have a methode for this payement ,what i can do plz !!

1 year ago

To what mail do I submit the assignment to?

Flyn Kazi
1 year ago

Hello sir,

If I only purchase one month hosting for now, does that mean I didn't complete the assignment? Cause in the previous video, you said "we have to purchase hosting at the minimum of 12 months". I would like you to clarify that for me.

Thank you!

Esther Umahi
1 year ago

I already bought a domain name and web hosting plan from another provider before I enrolled for this course. So what do I do?

1 year ago

Hello, I already have hosting and a domain name. Do I still need to purchase hosting through your link to finish the course and get the certificate?

munaye shafi
1 year ago
Reply to  Scott Max

my name is munaye shafi from ethiopia how to get hostinn and domain name method of paymen please contact by these adress +251911745148/+251912805473

Ismail Konneh
1 year ago

Hi, I tried to buy my domain name, but it's telling me "You don't have permission to access /signup/shared/29/36/scottmax/ on this server."

Babatunde Ojo
1 year ago

Hi Max,

I am Babatunde from Nigeria. Each time I try to checkout I get a prompt that’s I should try another Payne method. That my card was declined for payment.

I don’t know why this is happening. Please help out.

Mohammad Oryakhil
1 year ago

Hi Scottmax
I filled all my details and MasterCard details in hostgator, but it didn't continued to the next page, just stopped in the details page and my hostgator page wasn't like what you filled your details.

Negesse Mossie
1 year ago

hello scottmax!
is there any waye to get domain+hosting in free untile my paypal account recharge some balance. because of i am from ethiopia, i am unble to transfer money to my paypal from my local account.

1 year ago

Good day. I want to avail for the hosting but HostGator does not accept my cellphone number. How can this be solved?

Mikias Dawit
1 year ago

Hello Sir,
I couldn't access the hostgator Hatchling it says '' This site can’t be reached ''

Adaobi Ezeokeke
1 year ago


Last edited 1 year ago by Adaobi Ezeokeke
Ebenezer Odoom
1 year ago


Ahmed Ali Mohamud
1 year ago

Hi Sir, i have already Domain and Hosting, can i use this for the course.

My hosting provider is Ipage.

Honour Mpata
1 year ago

I have failed to access the database sir

Seth Dawson
1 year ago

I don't have a credit card or a Paypal.
Do you take any other payment systems

1 year ago

i don’t have a credit card. Can I use a debit card?

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