0.2 MUST READ, Getting Started


In this shortlist, I will explain how the course works, and show you how you can start learning and how to submit the required assignments.

Here is a list of things to keep in mind, not to worry, our getting started section is dedicated to helping you through each of these points.

  1. The Course has no fixed start or end date. It depends on your time commitment.
  2. The Course starts for you the same day you register. On that day you will have access to all the content of the course on scottmax.com, where you are now.
  3. If you dedicate about 1 hour per day to the course, you will easily complete it in 2 weeks.
  4. This beginner's course on investing is a totally practical Masterclass in which you will develop a project being the creation of your own, real, investment account. To practice before you start for real, we will provide a 10,000$ practice account where you can learn and practice investing in real markets with fake money. This way we can guarantee our students have practical, real-world proficiency in investing.
  5. The investment portfolio must be with real money, it does not matter how much you decide to start with. Our mutual goal is to just start somewhere and build the habits that build long-term wealth.
  6. As you complete modules in the course, you will send your Assignments to tasks@scottmax.com,  The assignments will be reviewed between the 1st and 7th of each month. Graduation and certification is dependent on the correct submission of these practical assignments, be sure to only send 1 email per module with all the assignments (text, pdf files, screenshots, etc) in the correct format. No worries, there will be a video tutorial on how exactly to submit tasks.
  7. To finish the course, you must make a real deposit on our partnered brokerage account for your investment portfolio/course project. MAX business school has an agreement with a brokerage app that gets you, our dear student, extra learning materials usually worth an additional $5,000. This is in order to continue your education and development as an investor after learning the fundamentals with us here at Max Business School. We require you to start investing with our chosen provider to take and graduate the course, as all tutorials and assignments, support, troubleshooting, and tutoring will be made far simpler both for you and for your tutor.
  8. To advance through the course, you must simply start reading and watching the modules and lessons on our course platform at scottmax.com and complete the tasks of each module, the course is made to be practical and very easily understandable. If you have suggestions on how to make a certain lesson easier to understand, please send constructive criticism with your doubts to scott@scottmax.com or to my Instagram @scottmaximal
  9. You should definitely read and watch the entirety of the "Introduction" module before asking for help and support, almost all doubts are usually cleared up and answered for students who have done so.
  10. Get into the habit of Googling and searching our groups for answers to your questions before asking for help. 99% of the questions that you will have have have already been asked by other students and we have already solved them. All you have to do is search. Our course material is built to be highly searchable and easy to understand, so if you have doubts after the introduction module, google your doubt first, if you still haven’t found a solution, please reach out to us for help at scott@scottmax.com or @scottmaximal on Instagram and we will help you further along the course.

We hope these pointers are enough for you to start the introductory module for the Beginners Course on Investing.

Best regards,

Scott Max, Head Tutor at MAX Business School

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