Course Content

Module 0: Getting Started
Module 1: Building your Website
Module 2: SEO
Module 3: Web Analytics
Module 4: Email Marketing
Module 5: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Module 6: Social Media Marketing
Module 7: Facebook and Instagram Ads

0.20 [VIDEO] Concluding Module 0

See you in module 1!

Remember to submit assignments to tasks@scottmax.com

If you haven't yet, you can get your domain + hosting account here before starting module 1, you'll need it to build your website.

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1 year ago

Very Good Content so far . thanks

Rayene Khoudour
1 year ago

great introductory content, thank you.

Balogun Olaitan
1 year ago

im unable to make payment as required for my hosting and domain

Reagan Mordaunt
1 year ago

I made the mistake of sending 2 different emails, one with each of the assignments, will that be an issues, note that I will remember that it's one email per module.

Charlotte Stobber
7 months ago
Reply to  Scott Max

I also made the same mistake for Module 0 I will submit correctly from Module 1

And also, please note I have not received a response with regards to Assignment 1,
I made the payment and sent the proof a few days ago

Not sure if I will I be able to continue with Module 1

Kitwana Shebabetsi Ezechiel
1 year ago

Can i put the three focus main online business modals as my defining website? or will i have to pick one ?

1 year ago

hey scott j
here iam confused you said we attach 2 assignments for module zero

  1. screenshot of hosting hostigator account purchase.( i submitted this in the 1st assignment do i repeat)

2 word document. you didnt say what should be in the word doc for module o
thank you

Fozia Deedar
11 months ago

It has two things (PDF)
1. what business model do you want to implement on your website?
2 what business opportunities does that niche have in your locality. (Max. 100 words Paragraph)

Zulfah wanjiku Mohammed
1 year ago

great introductory to the course

Sithembiso Muzi Hlatshwako
1 year ago

Since now we are in the middle of the month can I be able to learn and then month end a get the domain and hosting account and do all the assignments and submit

omorogbe osayimwense
1 year ago

thank you for this opportunity Scott Max, so I made a mistake of sending assignment 1 without assignment 2, I just realized when watching video 20, can i send assignment 2 together with assignment 1 again, will that be a repetition or a problem? with subject line (module 0)

1 year ago

Am I to to submit assignment 1 & 2 at the same time or separately?

Rolando Nadal
1 year ago

Do I need Domain and hosting account to graduate? Is it necessary?

nagiib moh
1 year ago

how i will send this, can i write all of them in one email or not , please understand me i did not understand that video excatly

1 year ago
Reply to  nagiib moh

hi, yes it’s one email but 2 differents attachment file that’s all.😊

1 year ago

Thanks! I've sent my assignments as instructed. I really appreciate this free course. Cant wait to get to the alumni community.

Modupe Abu
1 year ago

The second assignment does it include the first 2 questions you asked?

What service or job would you target? For what niche?


what affiliate marketing opportunities are available in that field.

Or is it just
What is the goal of my website?

Thank you

Yasmine Amgad
1 year ago

I don't understand what i should do and what i should attach and what is the hosting account how can i make it

1 year ago

thank you so much sir for delivering a premium stuff with us for free of cost

Monts'eng Ramalohlanye
11 months ago

Hi Scott, if i start with the first plan for hosting because its more affordable, can i change to the higher plan ? Assuming i am paying monthly not yearly.

11 months ago

I have sent my 2 assignments .i.e Assignment 1, & Assignment 2 under Module 0. But now how i can sure , is it received or not and is everything ok? please find the way

Fawaz Taktak
11 months ago

i wrote only my first and last name is that ok ?or i need to send you another email with my full name?

Joseph Nshimyumukiza
11 months ago

I have been try to get my domain + hosting account but it is refusing when i reach to the option of buying

Ouédraogo Sara Aminata
11 months ago

Hello Dear Scott, 
I have a problem, when I sent the assignments for module 0, I sent assignments 1 and 2 separately with two different email objects: Full name + module 1; Full name + module 2. 
I hope this does not disqualify me. 

Eniolorunfda rotimi
10 months ago


Sinneh Michael Kargbo
10 months ago

Good afternoon
Am from Sierra Leone West Africa,
Please I have a question, during purchasing or paying for the hosting, how do Hostigator know that am a student from Scottmax school so that they can discount me?

10 months ago

Thank you for the detailed content and practical.
I sent my first assignment twice, the second is real one. How do I know it has been received?

Muhammad Tajudeen
10 months ago

Thank you very much for all this.

I already have a domain and a hosting plan. Can I use that please?

10 months ago

Hi Scott, I submitted my first assignment but yet to get any response as to if it has been received. How does one get a confirmation please?

Ashish Jain
10 months ago

Hi Scott,

Are we going to dig deep in Affiliate marketing in this course.

Chernor H Barrie
10 months ago

I made a mistake. ! sent two separate emails for each of the assignments instead of one. Can you please advise on the next step?. Thanks

Ali Amir
10 months ago

I have already sent my assignment1 and 2. but when seeing concluding module zero vedio i came to know the assignment one and two should be sent in one email instead of two separate email.

Since I have sent it in two separate emails would you be accepting it or not? or let me know if you want me to send it again as you instructed.

Rufael Muleta
10 months ago

its the great and nic contents

10 months ago

Will we receive any email when we send are assignments please ? If yes, will tell us if we are good to continue or not ?

10 months ago

I already have a mobile app and a website... http://www.internetvillage.us
Do I still need another website and hosting?

Rose Wamalwa
10 months ago

So far so goof

Rejoice Orjiene
9 months ago

I already have a website, can I send in the evidence with it. Though I used whogohost as my website host.

Nidup Norbu
9 months ago

Very good contain, appreciate your team's work.However I am facing trouble in paying bill since In our country there is limited credit card user plus we are not using paypal. In such a case how can I solve it..

Confused student.

skye simpson
9 months ago

Hi everyone, forgive me but I am confused. Is the exercise of "What affiliate marketing opportunities does that offer?" not an assignment, just an exercise? Because currently, I have 3 assignments for module 0; the jpeg (1), the answer to what niche would I fill and affiliate marketing opportunities (2), and defining the goals of my website (3). Just ensuring I do not have to include number 2 in my module 0 email.

Adeshola Paul
9 months ago
Reply to  skye simpson

2 and 3 are 1 assignments so it’s just like 2a and 2b if this explains better

9 months ago

I just submitted module 0 assignment, I hope its ok especially following the instructions.

9 months ago

Hello Max, i had sent the 2 assignments separately undo Module 0. do i resend all as one email?

Ebenezer Odoom
9 months ago

Valuable course

Lonjezo Ndebvu
9 months ago

after submitting my assignment for module 0. do I have to wait for your reply or i can go on to the next module?

9 months ago

Help me about lesson learning

9 months ago

How can I download lesson vedio ?

9 months ago

Hello i am yet to be accepted in the facebook group page

Nicole Sheila Amoo-Yankey
9 months ago

Hey Scott
I am having issues paying for the domain and hosting account as my country (Ghana) is not listed on the PayPal options.
What do I do?

Mohamad hobloss
9 months ago

in the first assigmnent i didn't writ the module
is it wrong ?

Mohamad hobloss
9 months ago

what did you mean about web page url

Anjangha Benise
9 months ago

I kept having information about submitting my assignment in patches.
Finally I submitted three times and I feel very bad about it.
Please forgive me, in the next module, I will follow till the end before submitting any assignments.
Thank You

Malang Sanneh
9 months ago

Hi Scot, I am Malang Sanneh from Gambia. A friend of mine call Kawsu Kanyi in the US uses his credit card to pay for my domain and hosting. Hostgator recognize him as the student, how do i correct that?

Chidimma goodness Nwaegbo
9 months ago

Don't understand the second assignment of model 0

9 months ago

Hi Scott, I've sent my assignment but I'm not sure if you've received it. So, I was wondering if you could acknowledge the assignment so I'm sure it's gotten to you.

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