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Module 0: Getting Started
Module 1: Building your Website
Module 2: SEO
Module 3: Web Analytics
Module 4: Email Marketing
Module 5: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Module 6: Social Media Marketing
Module 7: Facebook and Instagram Ads

0.3 MUST READ What you need to start the course

As you know, this Master requires the student to be able to apply all the knowledge learned in a project that is a real, live, professional website that will enable you to attract real visitors to make an impression, make sales, build an audience, use as a CV to get a job etc.
To create this WordPress website you will need a hosting account and a domain.

What is a hosting account?

Web hosting is a service where a provider allows you to store all kinds of files so that they can be accessed over the Internet.
It is the place where the files of your website will be stored.

What is a domain?

A web domain or Internet domain is a unique name that identifies a website on the Internet.
I.e. Facebook's domain is, Google's domain is

My domain is
You will need both to take the course and to do the assignments.

And for us to teach you properly with our course and for you to graduate your course, we need you to get your hosting account and domain here, where we have a deal with this hosting provider to get you over 60% Off.

Click here to have a look, later on in the module we have a step-by-step tutorial get your hosting account and domain:

In the introductory module, we will have a section dedicated to helping you find your ideal domain name as well as helping you define your website, business model. (And yes, we consider getting a job a business model)

How much does the hosting and domain cost?

A basic hosting like the one you will need costs between 5$ and 6$ per month (usually, hosting costs 20-30$ a month or more). A domain name usually costs $12 per year.
Our partnered hosting provider gives you the domain for free when you sign up and a very nice deal for 1 or 2 years of hosting (part of our lovely deal for our students).

Are the additional services they offer worth it?

In short, no. We will teach you how to set up your WordPress website properly in module 1 to a professional, fast-loading, and secure standard. All with free plugins which you can opt to pay for the professional versions if you want more features later on.

But for the hosting account, no. 

Just get the hosting account for at least a year and your included domain name.
The prices you see are exclusive for MAX Business School students.
Disclosure: We are affiliates of Hostgator and may earn a small comission by sending you to their site and educating you in how to build a wordpress website hosted by them.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you are buying the hosting via our affiliate links posted here, elsewhere in this course or on our website at

It is a core part of our business model and it's why we can offer a great education at no cost to you.

It really helps support our cause of making excellent quality education accessible to as many people around the world as possible.

Which hosting provider do we recommend?

Hostgator is our number one recommendation for beginners and that's why we have chosen to work with them throughout the course. They are extremely cheap, have great quality, and are super easy to learn with.

Perfect for our course. 

All our tutorials are using Hostgator so that's why we require our students to take our course using them as their hosting provider. That way we are able to assist our students at scale as well as students being more able to assist each other in our community.

Our recommendation to learn:

We strongly recommend that you opt for paid hosting and getting your own real domain, it is an investment you make in your education and it really costs very little money.
It's only $2 to $6 a month, which you can easily spend on Starbucks, dinner with friends, a drink, a Netflix subscription, or the gym.

Plus, it's far cheaper than the 3,000$ to 80,000$ you would be spending to get a less practical academic education in the same subjects at a traditional business school.
Having your own hosting means having your own private space on the Internet, where you can develop your business or your personal brand!
Plus, if you are not satisfied, you have up to 45 days to cancel and get your money back.

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3 months ago


Shweta dwivedi
3 months ago

What if I already have a domain name and hosting??

Patrick Iradukunda
1 month ago
Reply to  Scott Max

Thanks for the help all the resources provided for us to complete the course. However, I would like to know if it is allowed to be having the domain without paying for it.

Martin Yaw Amuzu
28 days ago
Reply to  Scott Max

does it mean that if I already have a domain name and host which I didn't get from hostgator I will not be accessed or certified at the end of the course?

Peter mutale Sinyangwe
3 months ago

When is the next lesson

Bishal Shrestha
3 months ago

I don't have website

Oluwaseyi Adaralegbe
3 months ago

how about us that has a domain and hosting account?

Mesfin Habtamu Tola
3 months ago

I can't buy your hosting

Md Ashraful Hoque
2 months ago

Affiliate link ain't working.

2 months ago

I'm really excited about this opportunity however I cannot buy the hosting account because we don't have the access to PayPal here and my credit card works only locally so I cannot buy anything from the internet if it's not from my country
Is there any way to solve this issue

Egide Niyonsaba
2 months ago
Reply to  Rania

This can't limit you. If you have the sum of money to buy it, find a friend of yours who have international card and purchase it.

2 months ago

can a hosting service be used just for single site in a plan?

Muhindo Esther
2 months ago

Hello Sir, as per (It's only $2 to $6 a month), do we pay monthly or ?

2 months ago

I am living Ethiopia. I need to take this course very much. How can I buy hosting?

2 months ago

hi there after I complete the course how would be the price of my hosting account? and my
domain after 1 year?

Bukhosi Stezi Manana
1 month ago

Very interesting

Mahidi Anes
1 month ago

Good Afternoon ! Thank u very much for this opportunity it's a pleasure to be here with u !! i have a question if u don't mind ! what if i already have a website how the processe will be ?

Edward Nii Addo
1 month ago

Please which of the hosting parKjage will you recommend for your students

1 month ago

I can't buy it from hostgator! I don't have an international payment card
But I really need this course

Last edited 1 month ago by Fatima zahra jaouad
1 month ago

Hi I can't click on the link for the hosting account. please help

Zineb Saghraoui
1 month ago

Unfortunately i can't afford to buy the package :/

Kaweesa Hassan
1 month ago

I am loving the course

Mark Anthony Grabillo
1 month ago

I have a domain and a hosting website. Do I still need to purchase from Hostgator?

Frankstar AFC
1 month ago

Suggest you set up a telegram channel or group

Boudour Mansour-Ramzi
1 month ago


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